Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The 6:30 AM News

I watched the news this morning for 1/2 hour. Mostly to see if the rain was going to go away and bring Mr. Sun out, but I caught some of the actual news.

First off, there is a traffic jam in China that started on August 14th. It is now 60 miles long. I have never been to China before, so I don't know, but wouldn't you think they would have exit ramps? The people living near the highway are selling noodles and water to the people stuck in the traffic. I am pretty sure I would have abandoned my car after a few days.

Secondly, some miners in Chile have been found alive after an explosion. There are 33 miners in a space that is about 550 square feet. They have already been under ground for 2 weeks or so and the news is saying that they will not be rescued until Christmas. I am claustrophobic just thinking about this.

And lastly, I am thinking of moving to LA.

AP photo

Los Angeles is putting the finishing touches on a 578 million dollar public school. What do you think the finishing touches are? Gold trim? Damask table clothes? Diamond encrusted walkways? Evidently it is being built on the old Coconut Grove and the hotel where RFK was shot and killed. The auditorium is the Coconut Grove and the room where RFK was shot is now the library. The teachers' room is the hotel bar. (I am not sure if it is serving shots or not, but it has stools belied up to the bar.) Isn't California in the worst debt of it's existence? They started building this school in 2006 when things were "economically sound". California has 3 of the most expensive schools in the country. This new one, one that cost 377 million and one that cost 232 million. The problem in that state is that they have been reducing teachers and supplies by half. What good is this beautiful new school campus if it cannot afford enough teachers to staff it?

I have decided that I can only handle watching the news once a week. Or maybe I will just stick to People Magazine.


Unknown said...

I had heard about the miners but not about the china traffic jam GEESH!!! they look like sardines... or the new school in LA-that looks awesome BUT we all states need more teachers to fill the classrooms...

Melisa Wells said...

I LOVE THIS POST. I mean, it's great and all anyway due to the subject matter and writing style, but I think I love it because this is so YOU. I could hear your voice as I read it. You crack me up.

I was also wondering what the finishing touches on that Los Angeles school are!


jp said...

hahaha, this cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

I knew about the miners but not China...WTH? I would have lost it after an hour in that traffic jam getting out of my car to find a way out!

I am the Queen of Road Rage...probably cause I learned to drive in the city :)

scargosun said...

I thought the same thing about the exit ramps! Those poor miners. I hope they are all still alive when they are rescued.

Michelle said...


And the traffic jam? I've heard that one on the news some, too. Apparently it's a NINE DAY delay. Like, you're stuck in it for 9 days.

As for exits? Having been to China and Beijing, ummm no. There actually aren't. The people are trying to get into the city, and there's just this massive highway but no back roads or other things like that to help. I can't even imagine.

Anonymous said...

somehow I found your blog not sure how but anyway oh and for a little while I will be anonymous just because. apparently the people in China go through this often, they all turn off their cars at night and go to sleep.

I love the blog though and have put it on my favs