Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brunch at Scholastic Headquarters!

Would you board a bus if this was your tour guide?

Of course you would if you knew the series The Magic School Bus! It was the one and only Ms. Frizzle who met the bloggers going to the Scholastic Brunch. She welcomed us aboard her "magic" school bus and away we went: whisked to Scholastic Headquarters!

We were summoned up to the top floor where a delicious feast was waiting for us! But there was so much to see first, such as their creative centerpieces. (I love the David series by David Shannon.)

And their outdoor patio where I would definitely spend all my lunch breaks if I worked there!

Seriously, look at this view!

We were dragged back in off the patio by our rumbling tummies. We had a delicious breakfast and then heard from some of the top execs about what is new at Scholastic!

Billy DiMichele shared with us his love of Scholastic (and Canada).

Francie Alexander shared with us the top trends in education.

We also got a preview of new books coming out in the fall from Tracy van Straaten and information on Scholastic Book Clubs by Carol Marchesano. The interesting thing about bookclubs is that you can order online now! Your child's teacher should get a special online number to be shared with the class. That way, you can order from a wider variety than the 100 or so books offered from the paper flyer and still score points for your child's classroom!

On our way to nirvana, I mean the Scholastic store, we were offered a bunch of books, posters, bears and lunch boxes for free. We were also given a gc to spend in the store. Why did I take a picture of the gc? Because it said to a "great blogger". Everyone needs an ego boost now and then!

The Scholastic Store was amazing!!!

I love books!!! Once upon a time, I was a Kindergarten teacher. I am a mom and a babysitter. I have a huge picture book collection. Someday, my books will be in a store like this and I will do author signings like Raina Telgemeier was doing in the store. Raina wrote the book Smile which was a true orthodontia story. B wants to be an orthodontist when she grows up (at least this week), so I had to buy the book and have Raina sign it. (B and K read it in one day!)

See what I mean? Nirvana!

The quote we all walked away with from our time at Scholastic was, "Read every day, lead a better life". Love this quote. Simple and true.

October 22nd is Scholastic's 90th anniversary! They are suggesting people think of the top 5 books that influenced you as you grew up and write about it. I am giving you plenty of warning to think of those books now. Come back and share with me on October 22!

Thank you, Scholastic, for a truly memorable morning and for sending me all the books I bought at your store in a red and white Scholastic box! So fun!!!


Anonymous said...

I would never have left. You would have had to drag me out of there! Nana

SurprisedMom said...

Wow! How fantastic! A little piece of heaven for someone who loves to read and passed that love of reading on to her children. My children are a bit old for some things Scholastic, but I still have great affection for that Big Red Dog. This sounds like a great tour. And I'll be thinking about those five books.

Anonymous said...

All New Yorkers dress like Ms Fizzle! LOL! :)

I'm sorry I missed it. Too much partying the night before, no way could I get there by 8A to catch the bus.

Looks like a great place! I love books. I don't think I would have ever left! LOL!