Thursday, August 19, 2010

Christmas in August

One of my opportunities from Blogher, was to go to a Christmas in August party sponsored by Hallmark. Hallmark was probably one of my first words when I was young. OK, maybe I am exaggerating, but Hallmark has been an important part of my growing up. My mom is a card person and has passed that on to my sister and me. We love sending cards for birthdays, holidays and just because. Also, we have so many Hallmark ornaments, we could start our own museum. My mom still buys us an ornament every year, she has some Hallmark series going back 25+ years, I have some 15+ years. I have started collecting for my girls as well. OK, I admit it. I had 3 trees this past year at Christmas. When my brother, sister and I left home to make our own homes, my mom packaged up our ornaments from birth to now and gave them to us. (Here is a hint, put your child's initials and the date on the bottom of the ornaments with a Sharpie.)

When I was given the gift of an invitation to the Hallmark party (love you Melisa), I did a happy dance, called my mom and we both squealed with delight!!!

It was way more than I imagined!

Hallmark had taken the top floor suite of the Buckingham Hotel and transformed it into Christmas.

We were greeted with peppermint drinks (mmm, tasty!) and Christmas music!

Even the outdoor patio was decorated!

Everywhere you looked, the little elves had added their touch.

There was a beautiful Christmas tree in the corner....

with an Australian St. Nick.

We were able to decorate Christmas cookies.

picture courtesy Hallmark

Then when we went upstairs, Melisa squealed because it was more purply and there was a Menorah.
picture courtesy Hallmark
See the books on the bed? Those are classic stories that you can record your voice reading them. How great is that for grandparents to record their voice reading a story and then sending it to their grandchildren? What a gift! They also said that a lot of military families use these books, too. Just a great idea in general. I can't wait to get one of my own!

Melisa and I spent a lot of time on the patio, just enjoying.....everything.

We were resourceFULL (getting food and a drink and commandeering the couch), we were definitely cheerFULL and totally thankFULL that Hallmark had given us an early Christmas/Hannukah gift by inviting us to their party.

Thank you, Hallmark!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this experience. As a newbie Blogher member this was the one party I was dying to go to...I LOVE Hallmark. I refuse to buy cards from any other company. I go out of my way to go to their store. I really could spend hours there.

Maybe next year! :)

Caution/Lisa said...

HOW did you land that invite? What a great experience :)

(But you probably could have stood maybe a little closer to St. Nick. I've heard that he's friendly.)

scargosun said...

That looked like so much fun! I need to get my rear in gear for Christmas shopping. Thanks for the reminder...kinda. ;)

KathleenKMM said...

I am loving all your BlogHer recaps! :)

Jill Meyer said...

Let me just ask you this...are you one of those card people who puts confetti in the cards? My in-laws do this and I can't decide if it's adorable or irritating.

Melisa Wells said...

One of the best Blogher10 experiences ever! Glad I got to share it with you! :)

(and I DID squeal, didn't I? haha)