Saturday, October 23, 2010


With Halloween right around the corner, everbody is thinking about CANDY!

Do you want to be the greatest house on the block or do you want to have your house tp-ed?

Do you want to be memorable to all the kids in the neighborhood or do you want your pumpkins smashed?

Do you want to be a Halloween legend in the trick or treaters' minds or do you want your house egged?

There is a new candy on the block this year and it is called Butterfinger Snackerz. Some genius has taken the regular Butterfinger candy and put them into small little squares. The squares are more wafery (that's a word, right?) and lighter than the regular Butterfinger bar.

Since Butterfinger was so generous in sending me a bag, I passed them out to my friends and family to get their reactions,  too.  I got a 100% thumbs up from everybody. I love Butterfinger bars, but don't like how I have to pick my teeth (in a very lady like fashion) due to all the peanut buttery goodness stuck there. With the Snackerz, I did not have that problem.

So, in conclusion, to be the house that rocks the trick or treating world (in my humble opinion), go out and fill your bowl with Butterfinger Snackerz! I know I already have!

I was given a bag of Snackerz and not forced or paid to write this review. It is my own opinion.


Kathy said...

I like to go down the middle of the road! I get lots and lots of candy and give each person at least 3 pieces, always give to the older kids (those pumpkin smashing, egg throwing teens)and turn the light off at 8pm.

We have a neighborhood where people drive their kids to because there are so many houses close together, so we get LOTS of tricker treaters! And I just hate butterfingers but cannot pass up milky ways and 1000 grand.

Donna said...

Mmmmm, those sounds good! One of my husband's favorite candies is Butterfingers. He'd love these!