Friday, October 1, 2010

Frag'n Friday

Mommy's Idea

Welcome to Friday Fragments where little bits and pieces of your week fit nicely into one little post.

*K came home from her dad's tonight and was talking about some junk she had watched on MTV. I said (hugely dating myself), "I remember when MTV was all videos." Instead of being horrified that I was sooooo old, she said, "Oh, that must have been awesome! I wish it were that way now!" Score one for being old!

*Went thru the drive-thru with B tonight after swimming to get her some dinner. It's Friday, we don't do it all the time. Anywho, this is how the conversation went with us and the Burger King boy.
BKB: May I take your order?
Me: Wait a sec. What do you want?
B: Salad.
Me: Really?
B: Nods head.
Me: A salad please.
BKB: With or without chicken?
B: With.
Me: With.
BKB: Grilled or Fried?
B: Grilled.
Me: Grilled.
BKB: Dressing?
B: Ranch.
Me: Ranch.

BKB: Oh, wait, I am sorry we don't have any salads tonight.

*K and I got to babysit new baby R this week while B was again at swimming. We basically threw my sister and brother in law out the door and wouldn't let them back in no matter how much they begged. We needed snuggle time.

A friend of my sisters made her this A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E little book. So cute!

It's their whole little family!

*And since my mom and dad are attending my mom's 50th college reunion, we dressed up R in one of my old baby sweatshirts so my mom could impress her friends.

*It is also my parents 46th wedding anniversary on Sunday! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

So cute, right?
Happy Weekend!!!


Unknown said...

oh, that book! that is the most adorable thing ever. does this woman make these as a business, or just for friends? so great!

kiss that baby for us --

lucy @ the library

MsFish said...

I love all the pictures you took in our house! Hysterical! Thank you for kicking out of the house and for snuggling baby R!

Donna said...

That little book is so cute!
Happy anniversary to your parents! I love black & white wedding photographs from the past.

Mrs4444 said...

Love the pic of your mom and dad! :)

Funny BKB!