Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dream a Little Blog?

Blogging is a funny thing.

Profound, right?

I have lots to say, but it is of things I cannot talk about without making people angry or embarrassed. Take the whole teenager/tween thing. I have lots of things to say about that, but won't because my girls and my nephews would be horrified knowing that "private things" are out in cyberspace.

I could talk about my ex and his girlfriend, but that wouldn't be taking the "higher road".

I could talk about my family, but they know where I live.

So what does that leave my to talk/write about? My dreams.

Last night I had a dream where B brought me an ice cream cake into my bed and we ate it with our fingers and got chocolate sprinkles all over the place. As I was dreaming this I was thinking, now this is something I can blog about!

My dreams have always been very vivid to the point where I have written them down for 2 weeks at a time and shown them to my therapist and got the raised eyebrow. Once in college, I was taking a psychology course on something that had to do with dreams and earliest memories. The prof asked if we remembered our dreams past the waking up stage. I said, "Oh sure, I can remember the for weeks or sometimes forever depending on the dream." Another raised eyebrow. I guess you are suppose to forget your dreams immediately.

Maybe I will pretend to have a dream and talk about things I am not "allowed" to talk about just to get some of these stories out. Some are pretty amusing. Damn morals.

Perhaps I will just go back to bed to see what I can dream up.

BTW: The winners of Lisa Genova's audio book Left Neglected are Dysfunctional Mom and Five Tomatoes! Thanks to all who entered!


Shell said...

Really, you remember them like that? I only have vague memories of mine if anything at all. Unless I'm pregnant. And then I have vivid dreams that I can't shake.

Kathy said...

Funny that you mention dreams today because I had a strange one last night...I was going through the motions of buying back an apartment building that we once owned (which I know I would never do) and it was going to be OK this time because Jake Gyllenhall was going to be my apartment manager. It was not brought up why he was going to be availableto be the manager in Augusta, ME but it was working for me!

Yolanda said...

I remember my dreams often too. I hope that you have a wonderful day. I am glad to have found your blog . I love your part of the world.

Justine said...

I can't say that all my dreams are very vivid but I do remember a fair amount of them... at least parts of them.

I hear ya about the teen stuff you could write about... but would be hated forever by said teen.

Justine :o /

Evansmom said...

The other night,in my dream, one of the iron chef's had a restaurant in an old garage here in Kittery Maine and they were also filming Worse Cooks in America in Kittery. I suspect that I overdosed on Food Network that weekend.

Caution/Lisa said...

OR you could start a private blog and invite me to read it! Come on! An ex with a girlfriend? I need to know :)

Anonymous said...

The only part of blogging that bugs me...if I have something I really want to vent I have to "tone it down". Sometimes I just want to write and hit publish just to rattle them! :)


KathleenKMM said...

So excited I won! Yay!

I also always remember my dreams - my boyfriend has sleep apnea so he rarely dreams even with his sleep machine, and he never believes me when I recount a dream in great detail.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Which is exactly why I'm pretend singing on my blog, today.

I remember my dreams, dream in color and, if I wake up in the middle of one, I can even go back and finish a dream.

Just don't tell anyone, people think I'm weird, enough, okay?

Rebecca said...

I rarely write about my teenagers for the same reason. Reading my blog it seems I only have 2 kids!