Monday, May 16, 2011

A Blond Walks Into A Store...

Saturday arrived with the usual things to do... dump, grocery store, a wedding to shoot, but it also included the need to get my future sister in law a present for her shower. A favorite store downtown was running a special: if you brought in your reusable tote from their store, you would get 20% off of your purchase.

Time was moving faster than normal (yes, that can happen, it's my story) and I realized that I better get to the store, so I could get to the wedding on time. I stopped by my mom's house, folded a basket of laundry for her while she got dressed and off we went to the store.

The store is called Picnic Fashion and is the cutest store ever. It's packed with beautiful colors, fabrics, picnic baskets and the nicest owner and store clerk. So of course, my mom and I were talking to them while we were looking around. We were in there for a half hour or so when I realized that I really had to make a decision and get moving. I paid for my items and said to my mom, "Can you bring them home after they wrap them and you get your stuff? I need to get home to change and get to the wedding."

My mom said, "Sure, no problem."

I live about 5 minutes from this store and as I was driving into my driveway, my mom called and said, "Can you pick me up on your way home from the wedding?"

That's right.

I left my mom at the store.

With no ride home.

Completely by accident.

We were in hysterics laughing. The store ladies were in hysterics laughing. K and B were dumbfounded that I didn't remember that I had driven Nana to the store. More laughing.

The moral of this story is
a. Don't ever let the 2 of us out on the town again.
b. Blonds really do have blond moments.
c. If you have too much on your plate, scrape some off.
d. All of the above.

I think she has forgiven me, but oddly enough, she stuck very close to me at the shower that was 2 hours away from home yesterday.


Cindy S said...

Poor Sal! Hugs for her from me.

How was the shower???

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Oh my. Still. SNORT!

Anonymous said...

I can see this story being told at my funeral - hopefully many, many years from now. I'm still giggling and I'm sure the ladies in the store told the story to everyone that came in on Sat. Fortunately, if Sue left me yesterday, I knew Karen was there to take me home also. Love, Nana
Thanks, K & B for being concerned about me!

Thoughts from the Deep End said...

OMG Sue! Tooooooo funny! It's always reassuring to know that I am not alone in my "overly taxed brain moments" LOL ;)

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

D'OH! Too funny!

Heather said...

OMG. hahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah.

*tries to breathe*


Anonymous said...

I needed a chuckle right now so thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Last year my mom came to see me at my house and we were going to spend the day together. I needed to lock up the house and put the garbage can away in the garage. My mom offered to put away the garbage can while I locked up. I closed the garage door from inside the house without thinking. And walked outside Guess who was still inside the garage? YUP my mom. This lady walking her dog said "UMMMM that lady she's in the garage." I let her out and we had a great laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...I just stumbled across your blog via someone else's. I totally needed a laugh. This story did it!!! :o) Thank you!!! ;o)

Sarah Kate

Mrs4444 said...

LOL!!! I'm so worried about the next 50 years or so...for both of us.