Thursday, May 12, 2011

Forgive Me, I Have Ignored.

Forgive me blog, for I have ignored you.

My actions of the past few weeks have been similar to that of a chicken running around with it's head cut off.

These actions, well mostly fun, have denied my readers an insight into my very exciting life while at the same time causing me stress whenever I ran by the computer to the next activity.

As penance, I will now give a visual/written summation of the past 2 weeks.

*William and Kate got married. I watched and cried and got meds for a sinus infection.

*My beautiful niece was baptised. She rocked the bonnet look while singing with the choir.

*The "after" luncheon where everyone let down their hair and played with ducks.

*Lisa and her husband went on a 2 week book tour of Australia. The grandparents and I held the household together like a glue stick.

*K turned 14, but that will have to be a whole'nother post.

*We crammed in a few pictures of the grandchildren at the beach so we could get a Mother's Day present for the grandparents.

*Cannot resist chubby feet pictures... especially sandy ones.

*Later that day we had a Kentucky Derby party at my parents' house where we made hats and fascinators!

*B and little dude's sister are rocking the look!

*Little dude even got into the action.

*3 lovely ladies in their derby finest :)

*For K's birthday, we got her tickets to go see Bruno Mars at Boston University. She brought a friend and B and I went, too. Luckily another mom in town got tickets too, so there were 8 of us all together! Other than getting home at 2am, it was a blast and I highly recommend him in concert!

These events along with the every day things like grocery shopping, laundry, work, jump rope, swim practice, horseback riding and the bake sale I ran this morning are the reason why I have avoided you, my dear blog.

Please, please forgive me.


Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted! You are a busy girl and do a great job at it! Nice to see you back!

Mrs4444 said...

I truly love that expression (like a chicken with her head cut off), because it's so stinkin' appropriate! Glad you're keeping busy AND having some fun :)