Wednesday, October 5, 2011

That Awkward Moment When....

Yesterday at swimming, unbeknownst to me, B and her friend were playing the game "that awkward moment when....". From the lobby it looked like they would swim a lap and then crack each other up while they waited to start the next lap. The funny thing was is that the adults in the lobby were sort of playing the same game.

For the girls in the pool, it went like this:

That awkward moment when... your coach tells you you did a good job, but tells everyone else they did a great job.

That awkward moment when.... you pee a little in the pool while you are doing the breaststroke.

That awkward moment when.... you have to stop swimming to let half the lane pass you because you are so slow.

For the moms in the lobby, it wasn't that we were actually playing the "awkward game". It was just that we were listening to one woman tell us of her trials and tribulations with Match Dot Com. Combined with a few other dating disaster stories I have heard, I came up with this list...

That awkward moment when.... your date proceeds to nod off throughout dinner.

That awkward moment when... you realize your date has left his ugly sweatshirt in your car and you really were not planning on seeing him again.

That awkward moment when... on your date, you realize that you have a mutual friend in common and wonder why your friend has never tried to fix you up before.

That awkward moment when... you find out your date is a lot older or heavier or balder than his Match picture.

That awkward moment when... you figure out that your date is only visiting the Cape and really lives in NYC.

I got up this morning thinking of how I was going to tie the "awkward game" together for this post, walked into the living room and opened the curtain to look out at the lawn on this beautiful day.... and there it was, the clincher to this post...

That awkward moment when... you open your curtains to find a dead raccoon in the middle of your yard. *

*Totally not kidding and am still skeeved out by it! The girls and I got out the snow shovel and removed it to the unclear border between our yard and the neighbors' where there is lots of ivy growing. 


Tara R. said...

Your dating disaster moments are hilarious, and kind of scary. If I ever find myself unattached, I think I will just become the neighborhood cat lady.

Lee said...

Hey, one girls trash is another girls treasure. I think the guy with narcolepsy sounds pretty interesting. Especially if he lives in NYC, has a good job, owns a home in Ostrrville and is older than he says (better chance of dying sooner and leaving it all to me). What Do you want on Cape Cod anyway, Pat Sajak? And do they really pee in the pool?

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

The awkward game sounds fun -- in an awkwardly sort of way -- but, the dead raccoon is just plain gross!!!

Melisa Wells said...

Um, EW. And blech.

But...may he rest in peace, I guess!