Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dinner, It's Not Just at 5:30 Anymore

How many people can say they ate dinner sitting outside the high school last night?

Because sometimes our schedules are so crazy at night; that is what I was reduced to.

Eating dinner at a dinner table is important. I fully agree. I love catching up with the girls and hearing about their days. Sometimes they even like hearing about my day. Yesterday, was more of a typical school day...

Girls went to school, picked up one while the other went to cheer practice, ran some errands, came home and put chicken in the oven at 4 so it would be done at 5. Picked up cheerleader at 4:30, came home, took out chicken and drove swimmer to swim practice (25 mins away). Cheerleader went out to dinner with team and then to student council meeting. Swimmer and I got home at 7:25, cooked rice and green beans, re-heated chicken and drove to HS where we enjoyed our dinner under a street lamp and waited for cheerleader to get out of meeting.

I have a feeling we are not in the minority in our crazy dinner time situations. What if I had more than 2 kids? I make a conscious effort to check in with the girls during the day because dinner time at 7:30 is usually spent trying to cram in a little more homework. Luckily we drive around a lot and I can talk to them in the car. Sometimes I even sit down while they are eating breakfast just to get in that family unity time.

The hardest part about this is planning what is for dinner, who will be eating it at what time and remembering to take something out of the freezer. Which reminds me, hmmm, what's for dinner tonight? (More importantly, where will we be eating it?)


Melisa Wells said...

We used to have dinner on the run all the time during lacrosse season. Now that one kid is at college and the other works until 5:30 (and can drive himself to guitar on Tuesdays!), we have normalized a little bit and are eating at the table once again.

Okay, and in front of the tv too.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

We talk and eat a lot in the car. Had some of our best discussions and meals that way, too. Also, had an ant infestation, once. So, Garth (NHRN) calls my car the S.S. Movable Feast.

I can't find my blog said...

I would do the crock pot thing. Hot and ready when you want it. (That's what she said. Heh.)

Anonymous said...

It's sounds like you got the quality time down right. As long as everyone's together and fed at some's all good :)

Mrs4444 said...

I totally relate to this. I should probably figure out what we're having tonight!