Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Day After (Part 2)

(You should read yesterday's post first to get the full effect of vacation week.)

After our nature walk, we met some Maine friends in Freeport. See how overjoyed they are to see each other?

They tried to take off in the Bean Boot Mobile (now I can say I have seen the Wienermobile and the Boot Mobile).

We subdued them with Ben and Jerrys and I am not sure why I didn't take a picture when J's ended up on the sidewalk. (Of course there was swimming, drinking and eating, but no pictures so you can use your imagination.)

The next day we had to leave early to pick K up at the airport, but we found out that she missed her flight, so we ended up going to Boston Common for a few hours. It was such a perfect day to go!

P and B sat on Mrs. Mallard (You all know Make Way for Duckings by Robert McCloskey, right?)

Then we went on a Swan Boat ride.

Saw good'ole George Washington and his steed.

And really just enjoyed the beauty of the day.

Now it is back to reality. P asked me if there were anymore vacation weeks before school got out. Love that she is a wishful thinker.


Anonymous said...

What a nice vacation you had! Loved the pictures so I could be there with you. Where will you go next?

Melisa Wells said...

So pretty. I DO need to come up there.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

What a beautiful day! I really do love me some Boston.