Saturday, August 18, 2012

Camps and Fun!

Both girls have gone to camp this summer. This is probably the norm for so many families, but it is not for us. They both had very different camps, but both for 3 weeks. At the beginning of the summer, I questioned why I did not plan to have them both gone at the same time. A 3 week vacation? Unheard of. However, now, I am so happy that they went at different times because I was able to spend time with each one of them alone.

When B was at camp, she would come home on the weekends. K and I didn't do anything huge, but it was nice just to hang out together at night (when she wasn't going out with her friends). We also got our nails done and went shopping.

K is at camp now, 7 hours away and singing her little heart out. Maybe I will have her dictate me a blog post when she gets home because she is at a really fun performing arts camp in NY.  (Think Camp Rock).
3 weeks here? Count me in!

I took advantage of the fact that we were so far away from anything Cape Cod and took B on a little tour. First we went to Lake Placid and spent a few days doing all things winter Olympics.

 This was a freestyle camp. The kids were in full gear doing flips into pools. It was mesmerizing to watch them!!

Whiteface Mtn, bobsleds, ski jumps = WINNING!

Then we went to Burlington, VT via car ferry.

Then we went to Waterbury and took the BEN AND JERRY'S FACTORY TOUR. Um..... YUMMM!!!

B&J's has a graveyard for flavors that are no more. Who's idea was it to get rid of Devil's food cake?

We stopped in Holyoke, MA on the way home and visited some fantastic friends!

Now, you might think that K is going to be mad that B got to do all this fun stuff, but truth is, K would not have liked most of it. She does not enjoy "nature hikes" nor anything that would have to do with a winter Olympics. She would have liked to visit our friends in Holyoke, but we are more than willing to take another trip out there!

Next summer, though, I think I deserve to go to camp for 3 weeks.......


Anonymous said...

What a fun trip! I never went to camp as a kid but then again I'm not the outdoorsy type. There should be a camp for adults to recharge !

Melisa said...

Or at least Chicago for a week...