Sunday, August 12, 2012

Flat Sue @Blogher Day 3

I know you are all waiting with baited breath to see where Flat Sue ended up on Saturday. The problem in posting is that Real Sue had a busy Saturday cheering on her brother in the Pan Mass bike ride, a busy Sunday packing K, a busy Monday driving 7 hours to EBF New York to drop K off at camp and then a few vacation days in NY/VT. (Don't worry, you will hear/read about them when I can download my pictures onto my computer at home.)

BlogHer had it's first fashion show and Flat Sue got to walk the runway! Seriously, couldn't they have given her a new outfit?

I would say that the highlight of Flat Sue's day was getting snuggled by THE SUN in this picture with Melisa!

Flat Sue was everywhere on Saturday and having a fantastic time until DISASTER STRUCK! Real Sue was checking twitter and saw this tweet from Liz:

"Missing "person" report! Flat Sue (@ascapecodturns) was last seen at Social Fiesta! If found please tweet me or @melisalw ASAP! #blogher12"

Real Sue was helpless being 5 hours away, but was also in hysterics as that tweet was re-tweeted by strangers! It seems like Flat Sue ground New York City to a halt!

Thankfully my friend Momo was nearby and found me swilling and dancing on a table at the Social Fiesta party.

I guess I was real sneaky because then Momo had to pull me out of a plant!

She took me to the Cheeseburger party (where everyone decorates McDonald's hats and wears them.....what? That's not normal?) and made me a hat.

Evidently Flat Sue had a few too many cheeseburgers.....

Flat Sue got a second wind and was a hit at the Party in Room L with her mad bubble blowing skills.

The next day, Flat Sue was the first to take some Advil and then passed it out to her friends.


Liz said...

We had do much fun together (okay, except the part where I thought you were lost in NYC) I miss you both.

Melisa said...

What she said!!!

Anonymous said...

The missing person tweet still cracks me up!