Sunday, September 30, 2012

What I Learned (Week 4)

The end of September already! This means we have gone through one calendar month and about 10 soccer games already!

This week, it's not so much about what I learned, but what I realized.

I wish I could have been in the classroom when K and B were in Kindergarten. As I go through the day and watch the current Kindergartners answer questions, giggle with friends, solve problems, dance to the (damn) color song and make decisions (good and bad), it makes me wonder how K and B represented themselves back then.

So, I dug up some pictures of them.

This is K on her first day of K. (She brought a butterfly to school).

This is during the year with her favorite friend, Lamby.

This is B on her first day of K.

And B posing after a gymnastics recital.

The one thing that I did do with both of them (for as long as they let me) was send them notes in their lunch. I started this in Pre-school and continued probably through 2nd grade. Now I have many books of all the notes I sent in because they brought the notes home. It was never my intention that they would bring the notes home, but they did, thankfully.

Now, I love going around the cafeteria to see which of the students have notes and need them read to them. Maybe their moms are saving them, too because Kindergarten to Middle/High School goes by way to fast!


Tara R. said...

Where does the time go? Your girls have grown into amazing young women.

Liz said...

Look at those little cuties. I don't know where the time goes either. Loving your lunchtime stories, btw :)

Melisa Wells said...

They brought the notes home?? Adorable. That's so cool that you still have them!

Those pictures are priceless.

KK said...

such an amazing mommy! Very lucky girls! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG your girls are just too cute!!!
I love the notes...that's so precious :)

hope you are well! :) xoxo