Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When You Get An Awesome Text

When you get a text on Friday morning that says "Hey, what are you doing this weekend, we are coming to Cape Cod?!" from one of your favorite blog leap out of bed and do the happy dance. 

Then, you text your mom and dad to see if said friend and brood can stay in their nicely finished basement for the weekend.

Then, you wish the day to go by quick so you can see your friend and her fantastic children first thing Saturday morning.

Then, you see them and hug and say that you have to go to a soccer game in the pouring (and I mean cats, dogs and maybe cows) rain while they go to lunch. When you finally catch up, you take them to the Fish Pier to show them the beauty of Cape Cod in the late afternoon. 

Then, you proceed to ask your ex-husband for lobsters and cook them yourself with the help of your parents and have somewhat of a crazy "dinner party" Saturday night.

You decide to go to Provincetown on Sunday to vicariously live through a tourist's eyes of Cape Cod. Of course you have to torture all the kids to take a picture at the "anchor" because every time you go to P-town you must do this with whomever is with you.

You of course take as many pics of the kid you have with you because you know she has to update her Facebook page.  Thankfully, she allows 2 of your friend's kids into the last picture.

Luckily, someone takes a pic of you and your friend so you can actually prove you were together! (Thanks B)

Then you proceed to cry your way to work on Monday morning while leaving your friend to her own devices because her town gets Jewish holidays off and yours does not.

Then you count down the days until August because "friend" and family have threatened to come back for 2 whole weeks!!!!

If you would like to see Liz's version of our weekend go here. Special thanks go out to Garth (not his real name) and my mom and dad :)


Melisa Wells said...

Wish I could have crashed that party! Glad you had a great weekend!

Liz said...

That was no threat. Thanks for making us all feel right at home. Miss you guys already <3

Mrs4444 said...

Sounds like the two of you had a blast :) So glad you got to have that time together (and get to look forward to more).