Sunday, December 2, 2012

B is 14

Today is B's 14th Birthday. I am not sure how I have a 15 and 14 year old, but somehow it has happened. I do know that I am lucky to have both of them.

Yesterday, I took B (and K) and 5 of her friends up to Boston for a day at Georgetown Cupcakes and Quincy Market. It was so much fun and a pleasure to be amongst them and K all day long. I noticed on the way up in the car that B has matured so much in a year. She is funny, concerned about her looks and thoughtful.

Today, I noticed the character that she brings to the table. Her good friend was taken off life support today. On her Birthday. He couldn't have known and she never would have picked this date for him., but sometimes life has another plan for you. God reminds you that you are not in charge, He is. This fact is hard enough for an adult and brutal for a child. Somehow, though, B has been so brave, so grown-up through it all. I have been asked questions, lots of questions, but have answered them as honestly and truthfully as I can.

It is not going to be a Birthday she soon forgets, but I have promised her that an angel will be watching out for her wherever she goes.


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

B. is maturing into a beautiful, funny and extremely caring woman. You have terrific kids and they are lucky to have you as their mom. And a brand new guardian angel, as well. Love to all!!!

booksandcandy said...

goosebumps I am so sorry about B's Friend.
Happy Birthday B

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Many prayers for her friend and all who love him.