Monday, January 28, 2013

Heading Down the Highway (or parking lot)

I swear I learned how to drive by mowing our acre of lawn. I had to steer, not hit rocks or trees and use a gas pedal. The only casualty I had was running over a snake. I did not even feel badly about it. Not too many people have riding mowers on Cape Cod unless they are of the wealthier land barons. If lawns are big enough, the people usually have a lawn service. Therefore, my girls are subject to learn how to drive a car the old fashion way.

K will be 16 soon (or if you are a police officer, she already is) and has gotten the bug to drive. Her Dad has taken her up and down the driveway in a huge truck, backwards. Interesting way to start. She drives the truck around the horse ring, too. I am pretty sure that they take the horses out of the ring first.

I took her over the weekend to teach her the beginning steps, adjust your mirror, the seat, turn off the radio so you can concentrate, put your phone in the trunk so you can concentrate, put a big sign on the car to announce that you are a new driver....

She did pretty well, actually. I gave her my whole spiel of being a defensive driver and always be prepared for anything. She rolled her eyes. I asked her to take a right and then a left and she missed the left. My voice may have gotten a little louder, but according to her, I was yelling at her. Now she just wants to drive with Daddy because he doesn't yell. I was just impressed that I didn't have both arms on the dashboard and a bottle of anti-anxiety meds in my lap.

Before she drove, we went to a town landing to take some photos of the icy ocean. (see yesterday's blog) She asked me if we were at a landing that is 4 miles away. When  we got to the big parking lot, she asked if this is around where so and so lived. "Um, no... so and so lives 2 miles that way."  This is more of my concern with her driving. Maybe her dad can handle the driving up and down the driveway and I will handle the teaching of the streets of Cape Cod, save my money and buy her a GPS. I still have a few months before I have to send her out solo. That's when I will need the bottle of anti-anxiety meds.

Didn't I just take this a few weeks ago?


Anonymous said...

I think I saw her on that bike a couple of days ago. Where does the time go? She will be a good driver if you teach her, Sue. The tractor was a great learning tool and a good way to get the lawn mowed by all of you. You all learned to drive from the best and it wasn't me! Love and patience, Nana

Bill Lisleman said...

"phone in the trunk" now that's a tip I didn't need to worry about when I learned. Some people just don't have a good sense of direction. Will the drivers ed include any interstate driving?
all the best

Claudya Martinez said...

Terrifying. Even though we had very little spare money my mother agreed that it was best to pay someone to teach me how to drive. Our relationship would not have survived.