Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bloggin' Ease

Thank heavens for kids and their ideas for blogs. It's almost like I don't have to think of the topic anymore. Today, my nephew J, B and K played with the bunny from the barn. I think his name is Chocolate Chip, but for today it may as well been Scarlet O'Hara. K made sure to tell me that this might be blog worthy before they started. I had my camera at the ready!

Scarlet got plenty of love along the building process.
Tara grew by leaps and bounds.
Here, Scarlet is enjoying the rec area. There is also a kitchen (complete with carrots), a bedroom a guard horse, a statue of a horse(evidently every "rich" bunny needs one) and a fire pit for bun-bun to stay warm.
Scarlet is stylin' in her new specs.

The other day, K, had to use "nature" to make a paint brush and paint so she could make some cave paintings at school.We picked some sweet (as in cool, I think they were poison-like so we didn't eat them) berries. She put on one of Daddy's gross fishing shirts and got busy!
Yeah, she's on the bathroom floor. Hope you can't see the dirt and grime.

The paintbrush was made of goat, horse and dog hair. Quite creative if I do say so myself. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. LOL. 


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

That rabbit belongs in Hollywood!

Hallie :)

Sarah Clapp said...

Your daughters are so soooo cute and sweet! They remind me of little versions of my mother and my aunt. My mom is as a red hed and my aunt is blonde.

The Bunny mansion, very very nice. It would make Heff jealous.

Also, fine homes like that go for big bucks, on the Cod! (I like to call it the Cod, instead of the "Cape.")
Lucky little bunny!

scargosun said...

Does bun bun have a southern accent now? ;)

I love the painting idea. We did something similar with flower petals and paper once.

Reddirt Woman said...

Chocolate Chip should be called Ms. Hollywood... Great fun shot of her with the glasses on. I also love your daughter's creativity in her paint brush making and her paint making. I'm so glad that you encourage her creativity. Do we get to see a picture that she has painted?

Have a fun day. With the kids around that shouldn't be difficult.


Current Vents said...

I love the pic of the bunny with the glasses, that's too cute!