Sunday, September 28, 2008

2 weddings!

This weekend's working wedding is interrupted by me ATTENDING  a wedding. 

Well actually, I got to attend 2 weddings on the same day!

2 fishermen in town got married this weekend and we got invited to both weddings! Since we had known and DH had worked with one couple more than the other, we went to that wedding first. 

Kelly, the beautiful bride, is also my hairdresser. This is the only bride I know that jumped in to do her bridesmaids' hair!

The room was a bevy of activity with her bridesmaids, relatives and 2 soon to be step daughters. They (the step daughters)  happen to be friends with B, so it was a thrill for me to help them get into their dresses! 

This picture cracks me up. Chaos at best!
The ceremony was lovely and Kelly giggled through the whole thing which was very cute!
 Kelly reads this blog and evidently was very worried about how I might "trash" her wedding on it. Kelly, there is nothing to trash, you did a super job with the whole thing! Everyone was beautiful, you were the most gracious bride I have ever seen. Kelly kept asking ME if I needed anything in the bridal suite before she got married!

Here is a pic. of me and my DH taken by my mom (yes, my mom and dad were also at this wedding!).
Had to return the favor and take a picture of my mom and dad.

The funniest thing of the whole wedding was the DJ. There was one DJ and an assistant DJ? The assistant wore a lime green shirt with quite a few buttons undone. He thought he was very suave for sure! They played the Electric Slide and were not happy with how the guests danced to it, so DJ lime shirt gets on the floor and shows us how it is done. I don't think he ever wanted to get off the floor! He was a Solid Gold Wanna-be if I ever saw one!

So, we scooted out of Kelly and Ryan's wedding to get to the end of Greg and Mariann's wedding. We got there just in time for the dancing. Wait, I am sorry, I got there in time for the dancing, DH stood around the bar and talked up fellow fishermen. My sister and brother-in-law and DH's brother and sister-in-law were at this wedding. We had a great time dancing and the bride and groom were beautiful at this wedding too! Lot's of happiness on Cape Cod on Saturday, despite the weather! G and M had a delicious chocolate cake and set off some really cool fireworks on the beach. 

I know that DH and I wish these 2 fisher-couples the best of luck and are so grateful that we could be part of each of their days!

Later, we went to the local watering hole and once friends of ours started singing bad karaoke and one friend's pants fell down in the bar, we decided to call it a night!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the pics of you and DH and your parents!!

And 2 weddings? I wish I could have been your date - I would have danced the night away with you!

Hallie :)

scargosun said...

Your pics are so great! That is a great shot of you and DH.

Sarah Clapp said...

You go to more weddings then anyone I know! Are you totally broke from all the gifts you have to buy? WOW! I love the picture of you and DH.

Wineplz said...

how fun to be able to attend a wedding!!!

I love seeing the pic of you and DH...always cool to see the face of the person perpetually behind the camera.