Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pens, Crayons, Markers, OH MY!

My name is Sue and I have a problem. (OK, more than one, but let's focus on this one today, OK?)

It has to do with writing utensils.

Here is the evidence.

Yes, I have a pen, pencil, marker, sharpie addiction.

I am drawn to the pen aisle in any store. If there is a sale on Crayola or Sharpies I am skipping for joy in the aisle. The colors attract me the most. Ooooh, I could write in permanent marker in seafoam green? hot pink? baby blue? I must have them!!!

Let's review how this all started (because it is just not my fault)...

My Grandmother gave me crayons and paper for every Christmas as long as I remember.(and I looked forward to it!)

My Mom would always buy me fun pens and mail them to me while I was in college. Remember calligraphy pens? Ooooh we had a bunch of those at one point even though we couldn't write calligraphy. Just the fact that you could hold the pen one way and write a skinny line, turn it and write a fat line.

When I was a teacher, I loved seeing all the new boxes of Crayolas that would come in. I almost cried one time (with joy) when I saw a box of crayons that had about 500 brand spanking new crayons in my classroom. The smell is delicious!

Before email, for those of you that remember that time in the world, people actually used to WRITE letters. I loved writing letters and would specifically choose a certain color pen, or decorate an envelope, or doodle on the sides depending on which friend it was.

One of my favorite pen-like items these days are Paint Pens. How great is that? I can't write with a paint brush like I can with a pen, so with this invention I can "paint" on everything and it stays! Don't let any plastic enter my house, if you don't want it decorated with a paint pen.
However, like with any obsession, this one needs to be scaled back a bit. So today, since my sniffles are a little better, but I am trying to lay low so I can tackle the double header of wedding duties this weekend, I am going to organize my pens. Having 4 pen holders on my (small) counter is not cutting it. And I am trying to de-clutter. And I can't stand grabbing a pen and not having it work.

Hours later:
OK, I did it! I checked to see if they worked and threw away the ones that didn't . Now I have to find some nifty containers (haha, that I can label with the paint pens) to put them all in. Oh shoot, I will have to go shopping.....hmmm maybe the container aisle is near the writing utensil aisle.......


Summer said...

Oooohhhh, I love colored pens, markers etc. too! And I have a coloring book and crayons that I use when I'm stressed!

Anonymous said...

Sue, I think you have sniffed the pens tooooo much or that the Nyquil is affecting you! Go to bed with your 6 boxes of kleenex. Love, MOM

Caution/Lisa said...

We have all those pens,too. I love them just lose and jumbled in a drawer. Drives Checkered aka Mr. Organized, out of his mind.

Melisa Wells said...

Seriously, people? I can vouch for Sue. I even posted about her creativity with markers; check it out:

Thoughts from the Deep End said...

My daughter, who is in 10th grade, shares that passion with you!

She cannot walk down the sharpie aisle in a store without pausing to oooo & ahhhh over all the new colors they come in!
Don't even get her started about crayons! Crayola NOT rose-art (because those aren't real crayons! That humongous box with the sharpener on the back, makes her swoon!


PS - Hope you're feeling better!

AmyK said...

I'm obsessed, too.
I've run out of places to put them. When my stepdaughter sees my stash, she goes, "Is this where you keep all of the markers you're going to give me when mine dry out?" and it's hard not to laugh at her. Silly child. This is MY stash. Get your own dang markers!
But I don't laugh at her.. at least not in front of her. It's amusing that she thinks I'd share those.

Wineplz said...

Me, too. I nearly lose my mind and the farm going to Staples.

Wendi said...

My heart just skipped a beat.
I love school supplies.
Pens,markers and crayons are some of my favs.