Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Guardian Angel

Maybe some of you can relate to this.... I was looking at my house today, thinking I needed to get my butt in gear and organize and clean. The house was looking like it had taken a hard hit on summer vacation and needed some tender loving care. The girls have been a little crazy trying to find their "stuff" and get off to school. I can't think straight and more importantly feel guilty for wanting to read a book/blog more than organizing a house. So I got in my car and ran some errands. Mind you,my car didn't look much better than my house. A few road trips and the markers, books, map of the country with 1/2 the states filled in because we saw those license plates, napkins from every fast food restaurant within the northeast and a few pairs of shoes was leaving me dissatisfied with disorganization.

I was coming out of the post office and a white haired lady had parked near my car and was looking at it with an amused expression. I was expecting her to say "I bumped your car" or "you should be ashamed of yourself with that mess" , but instead she chuckled and asked if I had a little girl. I said I had 2 (maybe 9 and 11 aren't so little, but they are kids and girls). She said that she enjoyed seeing all the drawings and markers in the back seat. She then went on to say that she had a litter of kids (6-8 of them, I can't remember) back in her day. She was very into keeping things clean and neat for appearance sake. For the past 3 years she has had full custody of her granddaughter (who was starting 1st grade today). She said that time has taught her that spending time and ENJOYING her granddaughter are what is important. She figures that her granddaughter will remember all the drawings and playing with her grandma more than if her grandmother had the neatest house/car in the neighborhood.

I swear she was a little angel coming to remind me of what is important in life. Many times it is so easy to get caught up in the little things that society holds so dear....everything has it's place, my car is washed and polished, my kids have on the latest trends.I think what is really important is the love and respect you share with your kids. I am grateful for that Grandma/Mother to remind me to slow down and take stalk in all the wonderful moments and things in my life. Hopefully, she will be spreading her word to more errand running moms. I am pretty sure I will.


Wendi said...

What a great story.
I just wish I had read this before I cleaned out my house and car.
Oh was a great reminder of what is truly important.

Melisa Wells said...

What a sweet lady. What's great is that you paused for a moment to take in her message; alot of others would have missed it! :)

Caution/Lisa said...

And here I was going to clear a path through the house today! Does it count if I don't clean and the kids aren't even home?

Burgh Baby said...

That? Was one very wise woman.

Wineplz said...

can you have her talk to my husband? :)