Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh, What a Day!

It's no wonder I have no time to blog these days. I think of posts in my head throughout the day, but they go as fast as they come. Yesterday is the perfect example of how a typical day has been of late.

I went with the 4th grade to the Museum of Science in Boston. You may have heard on the news about all the rain, ice and snow New England was getting yesterday? That meant nothing to us hardy New Englanders (or 'living in a bubble' Cape Codders), we perservered and went anyway. It was pouring buckets when we left (and had been for the past 3 weeks, I mean 2 days). It took us almost 3 hours to get to Boston on a typical 1 1/2-2hr trip. Let me simplify that for you

yellow school bus + 30 kids + 7 chaperones + lots of rain = 4 advil

If it had been any longer, I think the kids would have had to relieve themselves in their water bottles.

I hadn't been to the Museum in ages! They had some really cool things in there! Amazing, right? We saw an Omni theater presentation on Coral Reefs (very cool) and an electricity show and as many of the exhibits as we could fit in. B got a little friendly with a not so friendly dino.

The skyline from the museum of the city was beautiful albeit wet.
The kids were great and we all had a lot of fun. Then we hopped back on the school bus for the 1 hour and 45 minute ride home. We thought HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA that the kids would be whipped from the day. 


For the last 1/2 hour the front of the bus (read girls) started singing Christmas carols which would have been lovely except the back of the bus (boys) wanted nothing to do with them. Or actually the boys wanted to recreate their own songs like Jingle Bells, Batman smells etc and they tried to get a rousing rendition of We Will Rock You going. Yup, the girls kept singing the nice Christmas Carols throughout all of this. Guess who was sitting in the middle of the bus, knitting her second scarf of the day? Yeah, me. So

yellow school bus + singing kids = 4 advil and a bottle of wine

Wouldn't it have been lovely to come home at almost 5 to a husband and daughter who had done some household chores instead of riding their horses in the mud for 2 hours? Yeah, it would have. Instead, I put in dinner, folded 2 loads of laundry, did more laundry, did the dishes from the day before, caught up my MIL and mom on the day and averted a fight between 2 tired girls. 

Then I went to a Christmas party. This feat included 6 different outfits, standing on the toilet to look in the mirror, thinking to myself that I probably shouldn't have put back 6 pork chops for dinner (no I didn't!, but felt like I had) and applying makeup to hide the circles under my eyes. We drop the girls off at my parents because I knew I only had an hour or so in me and arrive at the party.

Walk in, hello to the hosts, hug my friend Faith and realize that my dress is on backwards (yeah, that's right), run into the bathroom and switch it, go straight to the bar, talk to a bunch of people that turned to yelling because there were a lot of people and I couldn't hear myself or anyone else for that matter, watch my husband do shots of Jagermeister with his brother, said "Goodnight, find your own ride home" and left. 

Yes, I am a movie star and I made a cameo appearance at that party.

Picked up 2 extremely tired girls, came home, put them to bed, looked at the mail and found the best little package from Melisa that included some very creative and beautiful cards complete with initial and a tiara!!!!

Totally made my day and I went to bed with a smile on my face thinking of my friend that I have not even met in person(yet), but know so much about!

My smile lasted until about 2am when I heard DH stumble in...
today could be another long day! 


Thoughts from the Deep End said...

I love the Science Museum!! My grown kids still talk about how much they enjoyed it!!

I can TOTALLY relate to the chaperoning experience...
Five kids and at least 700 field trips later (slight exaggeration) I look back and do not miss the scenario on the bus that you have just described... not even a LITTLE!!!!

Now as far as the party was concerned, my personal opinion was that YOU deserved to be the one at the bar doing Jager-shots with the brother in law after the day you had!!!

Now sit down and put your feet up for the day... I'm SURE that your family will understand how very much you deserve it and will coordinate their efforts to pick up the slack.... NOT! ;)
(but you DO, deserve it!)


Melisa Wells said...

Yikes! Busy day!
I love that you left the party early. Way to take care of Mama! :)

Unknown said...

LOL!!! I love how you just left him there.... that is classic!

Vodka Mom said...

backwards?????? That is TOO damn funny. (omg I can hear the singing on the bus from here....)

scargosun said...

He he he...serves him right for those shots.