Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guess what? More sharks.

Obviously this shark thing in town is getting out of hand.While I was getting my hair done, next to a friend that owns a dock on the water, she mentioned that she was having cocktails around high tide to see if she could see a shark. Mind you this is in a harbor.

I am game like that and said I would bring the cheese and crackers.

It wound up being a rumor that the shark had swum into this particular harbor, so we sat, ate and drank on the beautiful dock and chatted about seals and sharks. One of the women brought up the SNL skit, Landshark. So funny! I couldn't find it on youtube, but you can see it here.

Then I get home and find out that a shark ventured within a different harbor in town (yeah the one next to the big beach) and that some surfers were within 50 yards of a shark.

Matt's arm and boat were on tv last night because the news team was doing a report right in front of his boat. The media is eating this story up like crazy.

The news people said they were leaving tomorrow and not coming back until someone got eaten. OK, not entirely true, but you know they will be here in a flash if someone gets chomped on.


Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like an AWESOME way to spend a night-- Drinking, cheese & crackers, and SHARKS!

This shark thing has me totally intrigued. I must have more. In fact, I vote that you go sit on the beach until you have an up close & personal pic of them ;)

sandy shoes said...

The landshark sketch. Awesome.

Lifeofkaylen said...

Ha, shark watching? I love it!! We never get to do that in my city. However, in the city where I went to high school, we had a whale pod that would come through almost yearly and those were fun to watch.

Never brought large amounts of media trucks though!

Captain Dumbass said...

Do you have a Quint in town?

SurprisedMom said...

I like the way you spent the time looking for a shark. It actually sounds relaxing even though the tone would have changed if you saw a shark.
It still sounds like the media is going goofy. Next time they should get your whole husband on camera.
I can well imagine someone, in or out of the media saying they weren't coming back unless someone was chomped on. Human nature.

Anonymous said...

Oh scary~

Melisa Wells said...

You crack me up!

And I LOVE the landshark sketch. I think about it all the time whenever we go to temple (!!! Weird! I know!!!) because there's this one part of our service where we pray for the sick, and the rabbi has people stand up if they wish to say the name of someone (out loud) who they want the congregation to pray for. Anyway, as people stand up around the sanctuary and say the names of their loved ones, some of them are barely audible, and it sounds JUST LIKE when Chevy Chase is on the other side of that door and is telling Larraine Newman "Candy gram!" In fact, ask Jim: I say "Candy Gram" to him each and every time.

But enough about me. How fun are YOU to be going shark watching?

I hope nobody gets eaten.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

if someone gets chomped on, I dare say it serves them right. CUZ IF YOU KNOW THERE ARE SHARKS IN THE WATER CURRENTLY WHY THE HELL ARE YOU IN THE WATER??

Last I looked, NO ONE had ever been chomped on while standing on the beach!

Or while sitting in a beach chair while sipping a pina colada.


Caution/Lisa said...

And if someone does get chomped, I bet the family gets a big settlement from the state. Maybe I should send my FIL up there to swim around for a few days...

Mrs4444 said...

That is so funny--"Matt's arm and boat were on TV last night." Cracked me up.

I'd pay to see a shark eat someone. It would have to be someone I hate, though. (Just kidding.)