Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boston You're My Home

I had the special privilege of going away for 2 nights this weekend with 2 of my college roommates*. 2 nights, the 3 of us, swanky hotel room, NO KIDS....well except for the one Jennifer is carrying around in her belly. It always takes a little time to get used to being somewhere without responsibility. No one asking what's for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, another snack....dessert.... However, we had enough food on our bureau to feed the entire floor of the hotel. I must have gone hungry in another life, because I always travel with food (and usually much more than necessary).

While Jen went to a Dr's appt, Becky and I hit Quincy Market to browse through some shops, ok to drink, but whatever. We stopped at Cheers (you know, "where everyone knows your name"?)

Said "hi" to Norm and hung out for an hour.

We went to 2 great museums. (I needed to balance out my drinking with some culture.) I had never been to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It was so beautiful and there was a courtyard in the middle of it that came right out of Europe. As I was gleefully pulling my camera out of my bag, I saw the dreaded sign: NO PHOTOGRAPHY ANYWHERE!!! They could have just slapped me across the face. A photo junky and I can't take any pictures. I went through the whole museum, silently weeping about the no picture thing. Guess where I did get to take one? Yup, outside the front door.

Yes, I think that lion is biting Becky's ass too.

We also went to the Museum of Fine Arts (the MFA to cool city people). They let me take all the flashless pictures that I wanted to. Unfortunately, they didn't have a European courtyard!

I took this picture for K so she could appreciate the nice leather saddle that she uses to ride her horse. I swear this looked like whale bone and slightly uncomfortable.

This was a huge tapestry hanging in a hallway.

And this was a cave wall that they transplanted into the museum. I have always been so fascinated by what people wrote and drew of cave walls. I think those 3 women are sitting down to eat. That little person is probably the man serving them. A girl can dream, right?

I was not disappointed by my good friend, Claude Monet. Looking at this picture brought me right back to when I was visiting his home (yes, it's a museum) in France.

His multi million dollar shot
My multi million dollar shot

More tomorrow on the people watching. You have had enough culture for one day!

*Well, one was my official roommate and the other just spent A LOT of time in our room.


WeaselMomma said...

That looked like a great weekend with the girls! What's up with the no picture thing in the courtyard?

Unknown said...

The Gardner museum is my favorite in Boston, and it's totally because of that amazing courtyard. I love how you can get different viewpoints at the different levels. You don't just see it once, you look at artwork for a little bit, and then peek out again at the courtyard...look at artwork.... I went to Simmons College, right next door to the museum, and I used to go a lot while I was in school -- great student discount!

Together We Save said...

Looks like you had a great time!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a geat weekend with the girls :) You museum pics remind me of how much I miss the Met museum here. We are goign in May just the girls and then out for drinks at this rooftop bar. Can't wait!

The Single Nester said...

Sounds like a great weekend - Boston, friends, wine, museums . . .

Pearl Maple said...

Looks like a great girls adventure, thanks for sharing your photos and views from around town, my favorite city.