Monday, May 24, 2010


Business 2 Blogger

I got my first review through Business to Blogger last week. I am not sure how I was picked, but maybe it was my obvious obsession with chocolate. Yes, I got to review chocolate. Not only review, but create my own piece and review it. I am a lucky girl.

Adeline began her obsession with chocolate when she was dieting, but wanted to treat herself with a nice piece of chocolate at the end of the day. She tasted all kinds of chocolate, but in the end, decided that if she could only have one little piece at the end of the day, then it had to be the BEST CHOCOLATE EVER! (or EVAH! as we say in New England).

Take my advice or take her advice, this is by far a golden ticket of chocolate. What makes it even better is that you can add whatever you want to your piece of chocolate. I decided to go with some of my faves and added mini M&Ms, chocolate sprinkles, Andes' Mints, and peanuts on top of milk chocolate. I was skeptical because of Adz claim to goodness. She basically said that her chocolate was the best. In the case of my creation, she was right! I said, "Ohhh, this is yummy!" My daughter said, "Can I have some more?" and my mom said, "Delicious!". It was devoured in a matter of minutes. I did snap a little picture before the munching began.

I love how it comes in it's little package with a "bite" taken out of it. The little saying is Bite Me. Now, I knew I was going to love it right when I saw that tag line, because sadly enough, I often say that when I am frustrated. But in this case it cracked me up! I might have to buy one of their tshirts that says that!

With this code CHOCBITE20 any blogger who reads this can get 20% off anything in the store FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!! How great is that?

In addition, if you would like the opportunity to make your own chocolate bar for free, join this contest (US and Cananda).

Tweet your chocbite bar design to @chocbite and leave me a comment and the link. This contest will be open until the end of the day 6/3/2010. Please make sure you leave your email address in case I do not have it. You will have 48 hours to respond.

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Let the munching begin!

I was not paid for this review, just given a bar of chocolate. The review is totally my opinion.


scargosun said...
Ga! Tweeted my toppings. :) Salt, Recees Pieces, toffee on Milk Chocolate. Would have LOVED to add pretzel pieces but not on the list. :(

Caution/Lisa said...

You are the chosen one!! Woo hoo! And that is a great opportunity to get chosen for. I have no idea what I would want mixed in - maybe something with crunch to it. Okay, I'm starving now.

Unknown said...

Your wish is my command. I will add pretzel pieces very soon!!! Adeline, Chief Chocolate Lover, Chocbite

scargosun said...

Wow! That was fast! :)

Anonymous said...
milk chocolate, maple sugar, cinnamon, pecans, cranberries, and cinnamon imperials. can't wait. Like fall in a candy bar.

Latsyrc728 said...

I tweeted my choices:

Reese's Pieces®
Curry Powder
Roasted Salted Peanuts
Tart Cherries

Latsyrc728 said...

google follower #101 Latsyrc728

Latsyrc728 said...

I follow you on twitter: @Latsyrc728

Holly said...

Chocolate is the food of the gods as far as I'm concerned. Hope you enjoyed the experience.

Texasholly said... tweet:

email: junecleaver at

Texasholly said...

I follow ya on Twitter.

Kathy said...

I am a follower!

Unknown said...

Glad you were picked to review something you love! Thank you for posting about us! Can't wait to hear what other great things you get in the future!!