Friday, May 21, 2010

Frag'n Friday

Mommy's Idea

Yup, it's Friday already! What a week! Stop by Mrs. 4444's and share you scattered seedlings of happiness (or crap, depending on how your week went).

*I just took a break from vacuuming with my new vacuum to write this post. I actually had to tear myself away from vacuuming. Yes, you read that right. I just bought a new vacuum cleaner today at Job Lot and I am loving it! Yes, I am officially an old lady.

*The Maritime Festival is in town tomorrow and should be a blast! It will be the first one we will do without RAIN! I don't want to jinx myself, but unless we get a freak hailstorm like Oklahoma City did this week, I think we are good. There will be a bouncy house, Wally the green monster (the Red Sox mascot), food (seafood, burgers, pig) and fishermen Olympic games. Have you ever seen a fisherman in a blown up Sumo Wrestler suit? Me neither, but you can be sure I will have pictures!

*Today I helped to cut squid for the calamari. Yes, those pictures will be up Sunday. Mmm, yummy.

*And drum roll please, ratatatat, ratatat, the winners for 1 month of Picnik premium are
and Tara (I found another one).

*I have another review to do next week and it has to do with CHOCOLATE, so you know it has to be good. Mmmm, chocolate.

*Have a fantastic weekend!!!!


Heather said...

YAY! THANK YOU! I am so excited! :)

Can't wait to try it all out and see how it works!

Kori said...

Ah, I am so jealous! I didn't know about the Piknic giveaway or I would have totally entered; such a great site!

Tara R. said...

Woohoo! That is awesome! THANK YOU! I love Picnik.

SurprisedMom said...

Congrats to the winners!

I love calamari. Save me some!

Your Maritime Festival sounds like so much fun! I wish I could taste the seafood and pig and wish I could see the fishermen in blown up sumo wrestler suits. Have a great time!

Kathy said...

My parents are in for the weekend and we were looking for something to do today..sounds like we may be heading for the Maritime Festival! See you at the calamari booth!

Cindy S said...

Mmmmm....I like me some pig.

We used to have an annual pig roast in our barn when we lived in VT. Nothing I have EVER eaten tasted as good as that pig.

(And I think it really had very little to do with the 500 keg beers I had simultaneously.)

Doreen McGettigan said...

Sounds like you have a fun weekend! I'm sorry I am a little late with FF but I really do have a good excuse. I love that photo at the top of you page. Instant relaxation. Hope the Phillies do not beat the Red Sox up too bad this weekend!
Have a great week!