Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ride'em Cowgirl!

K has been hard a work lately getting her horse jumping skills refined. She came home from the barn the other day saying that she had jumped over 3 feet. Oy. Sunday, B and I made the trek out to Southbridge, MA to a horse show to watch K jump. (She and her father had left a wee bit earlier with the horses).

It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day! She was jumping in a class called Jumpers (not as obvious as you would think). She jumped in the 2 foot, 3 inch category.

She was unbelievable!

To watch this little wisp of a thing manage a horse that is so (SO SO SO) much bigger than her, was incredible!

This was her favorite jump on the course, which to me looked like the hardest!

Many of her facial shots were of her not breathing or sticking out her tongue. So cute.

Doesn't this look like she is riding a Merry Go Round Horse?


The proud rider with her 2 second place and 1 first place ribbons!

B and I liked the sign. B is "show happy" in this picture!

My girls make me so proud :)


Kathy said...

Your post has brought back nice memories of my horse show days. thank you! She did a fabulous job and looks so professional!

Justine said...

OMG, you must have been beaming with pride. And terror????

Boy, those helmets... not so good for the locks, eh? LOL

Justine :o )

Evansmom said...

Thanks a bunch for sharing!

Heather said...

You SHOULD be proud! :)

Formerly known as Frau said...

Great Job! I love the pictures of her jumping great action shots!

Cindy S said...

Congratulations! You're well on your way to beating off cowboys with sticks.

scargosun said...

That is so exciting! Way to go K!

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

This is great, congrats -- I love your pics, by the way -- thanks for sharing!!!

Tara R. said...

Woohoo! Great job. I would have been crazed watching her jump. Awesome!