Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jennifer Weiner Book Signing!

One of my favorite authors (other than my friend, Lisa Genova) is Jennifer Weiner. She writes such a great all around story. Today, Lisa and I, went to a luncheon sponsored by Where the Sidewalk Ends Bookstore at the Wequasset Inn and heard Jennifer speak. She was extremely entertaining! She is so comfortable talking to a crowd and had us laughing along with her.

More importantly, she cannot tell a story without using her hands. (me too!)
Her fabulous mom was there. She is a very good sport because many of the stories that had us cackling had her as the main character!

This is Jennifer getting excited that Lisa offered her a copy edit book of her next book, Left Neglected, that is coming out in January. How cool is it that they signed books for each other?!

So what's missing from this picture? The fact that I haven't published my book yet. There is my goal for this next year, right?

Jennifer is the type of girl that I could hang out with and go to the beach with. She is totally down to earth and so funny! I am already a third of the way through Fly Away Home and may stay up all night to finish it!


scargosun said...

Us Philly area gals are pretty cool, huh? ;) Seriously, I never met her but a few of the girls in my bookclub know her from various synagogue activities.

Danielle said...

I LOVE her too. I finished Fly Away Home on my flight back from BlogHer. LOVED it. She is my favorite.

Heather said...

she is one of my FAVORITE writers! i'm going to have to check out Fly Away Home!!!! congrats on meeting her!

Dawn said...

How fun for you! I love her books too! I read Fly Away Home in one day!