Friday, October 15, 2010

Frag'n Friday

Mommy's Idea

Mrs. 4444s and a whole gaggle of bloggers unload on Fridays with scattered thoughts from the week. Go check them out!

*I have an OshKosh gc giveaway going on now! Check it out here!

*OK, my first beef of the week is the little red line that is showing up under everything I type. K had an essay to do this week and since we used spell check on it, everything is coming up with red lines. OK, not everything because it seems the words everything, beef and OK are not underlined. Help!

*I love M&M commercials. Surprising coming from me, right?

*I am happily sitting in my pjs this morning typing because it has been a very busy, busy week and I do not have to work today! Actually my sister and I are getting a little mani/pedi later just because we have a gift certificate! Yippee!

*Speaking of my sister, here is the latest baby R photo. She is sititng on a quilt that our aunt made and wearing a jacket that she made, too. And check out the socks! Babies are so chic these days!

*Monday was a holiday, so the girls and I took little dude to a really cool playground that I will feature on Sunday's post. As we were leaving, there were bushes of beautiful daisies. As I was photographing them, I noticed not only bees, but beautiful butterfies. What a gift!

*The whole Chilean Miner experience has left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. I am so grateful that they were able to get those men out (way before Christmas!) and the rescuers too. It's nice to have happy news on the tv once and awhile.

*The girls and I are loving the new album by Bruno Mars. If you are looking for new music, check him out! He was born the year I graduated from HS. Ack.

*K has a 2 day trail ride this weekend, while B has her first swim meet and I have my first weekend since mid-August without a wedding to shoot! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

that jacket on that baby is ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Caution/Lisa said...

SO that means he was born the year I went to middle school or something like that!!!

Love that baby. I should have one just so you take his/her picture :) Okay. Maybe not.

Lisa Genova said...

LOVE that coat (and baby in it)! Need to see her in person one of these days.
LOVE the photos of the daisies and butterflies--gorgeous--art--they should be framed!
Come over in your pajamas anytime--you don't have to wait for Fridays! :)

Donna said...

That's an adorable picture of your niece!
I love those pictures of the butterflies on the flowers.
Enjoy your mani/pedi and I hope you can get that computer kink fixed. Those kinds of things are so annoying!

Claudya Martinez said...

I am thrilled to bits for the Chilean miners and their families.

Baby R is too cute for words.

Betty said...

Oh, baby is sooooooo precious!

Who didn't cry when they brought those guys up?
So thrilling!

Betty said...


I cannot change Stephanie's name no matter how hard I try. Remember, it's always Ant Betty and not Steph!
Glitch in the system?

cat said...

Oh my but that baba is cute! I hope you had a great day and weekend. And aren't those butterflies beautiful.

MsFish said...

YAY for awesome pictures (not that I am biased ; ) Fun to get spoiled with you today! Lets do that every week?!

Unknown said...

LOVE the photos AND bruno Mars too! sooooo freakin bad!!!!

mimbles said...

I get the little red underline all the time but not from any spellchecker glitch, Aussie spelling just really annoys Firefox :P

Love those flower and butterfly pics!

Matty said...

M&M peanuts are my favorite candy...of all time. They're like potato chips. You can't eat just one. You have to eat the entire bag.
Not that I ever consume an entire large party size bag of M&M's or anything. Just sayin'.

I never heard of Bruno Mars, but I absolutely love that song. I copied and pasted it to my wife. Thanks for the tip.

God bless those miners. YEAHHHH.

Melisa Wells said...

"He was born the year I graduated high school."

UGH. I hate those artists. haha

The baby pic is sooooo cute!!

Mrs4444 said...

Boy, you make photographing butterflies look EASY! Well-done.

Hope you enjoyed your relaxing weekend :)