Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's a SALE! No, it's THE SALE!

Every 2 years, 3 stores in Chatham collect all their clearance merchandise and offer it up to the masses at unbelievable prices. I am talking $300 dresses for $50. $100 shirts for $30. $25 watches for $2!!!

Crazy, no?

I wrote about my first experience at it 2 years ago here. Go read it, it will explain a lot more of the background. Anyhoo, this year, I will admit, I was trying to ignore this wonderful sale because we are saving our spending money for a trip to Maine next week. That lasted all of 5 minutes on the first day when I posted on FB that my wonderful salonist Kelly, went to the sale with her super getinwheneveryouwantto ticket while my hair was cooking and bought me a $2 watch and $2 earrings. She's the best.

Of course my girls read my update and had to go ASAP. So, looking fine after my hair do, I went to get in line while my mom brought B to work and K to me. We giddily waited in line. Oh, yeah there's a line (go read the post from 2 years ago!). I was fooling around on my phone checking FB and twitter and saw that if I tweeted about the sale I might win one of those getinwheneveryouwantto tickets. A golden ticket? Hell ya I tweeted!

With all accessories at $2 and me not exactly fitting into many of these designer teeny people clothes, I parked myself at the $2 table. I bought a sparkly barrette with an $80 price tag on it for TWO DOLLARS people!

K being one of those teeny people scored with a bunch of cute clothes and headbands. She immediately called her friend and arranged to go again yesterday with B too.

We arrived at 8:45 for the 10 am opening:

Already a line. I went to Dunkin Donuts and brought them breakfast while they waited. I think a lot of people would have liked me to bring them DD because I got some looks of "Ugh, I wish she brought me DD."

Then I went and ran some errands, etc... At 10:06 I got the magical tweet that said I won a GOLDEN TICKET!!!! I immediately went to Violets and picked it up hoping to impress the girls when I waltzed in to the store without waiting in line! However, when I got there, they were still in line! So I scooped them up and we cut the line and walked (sorry, skipped with glee) in to the store!

It is craziness at it's best. Yesterday, there were actually 2 men in the fray. God Bless them. It is not a sale or place for men. But the girls said one of the men was a dad and was trying to help his daughter find some good deals and cute clothes. Granted this daughter did not agree with anything the dad said, but props to the dad for even entering this estrogen enhanced craziness.

Are there plans to go back again today for day 3?

Oh yeah, but we won't be waiting in line!

If you are in Chatham and want to experience all that is this fantastic sale (and yes, they restock every day), it is open from 10-3 kind of behind CVS. 


Melisa Wells said...

Sounds like Filene's Basement on wedding dress day! :)

Tara R. said...

That long line is incredible. Did you feel like Willy Wonka's Charlie with your golden ticket? Hope you found some fabulous bargains.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean we aren't going to Maine because no one has anymore money? Nana

Anonymous said...

aww I miss Chatham. Looks like fun and I recognize that parking lot. I really mis chatham =(

Heather said...

sounds like a fun time & woohoo on winning the golden ticket!

Heather said...

what a cool concept though- those are bargain prices, like DIRT CHEAP bargain prices! congrats on getting in :)