Friday, August 3, 2012

The Adventures of Flat Sue

Hey, it's me. Remember when I wrote a few times a week? Yeah, me neither. It's been a busy, busy summer and most of it has been driving people to and fro. And the kicker? I am not at BlogHer right now and my friends are. I couldn't bear the thought of them at a 4 day event without me (seriously, how would they have any fun?), so I sent them the next best thing.


Flat Sue left the shores of Cape Cod and flew to Chicago to meet up with Melisa.

Melisa took FS on the plane with her and graciously offered her peanuts and a magazine.

Once in New York;

 FS gave Michelle a foot rub which was awfully nice of her because I wouldn't have in real life :)

Enjoyed a coconut and rum drink with Jenn.

Went on the subway with Liz and Michelle.

Got a snuggle from Patty(who is on blog-hiatus at the moment)!

And was able to give Momo a big hug! Trust me when I say she needed one!

The conference "officially" began last night. I am anxious to see where Flat Sue ends up today! Hopefully not on top of a Unicorn cake.
Oh yes, it could happen.


Anonymous said...

I miss you but so glad Flat Sue came to visit me at home. :)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back! Glad you are having so much fun in NYC with your crazy friends. Hope they take you to see Katie Couric. Can't wait to see where you go today! Nana

Anonymous said...

Oh, jeeze, you've been in the sun too long this summer, I just know it!

Jenn @ Mommy Needs Coffee said...

I'm not trying to call anyone out BUT I'm pretty sure Flat Sue had more than her share of our drink. Bless her heart.