Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Christmas Card

Hope your holidays were happy and your New Year jolly!! Here's a glance at our Christmas card and "letter".

* 2012 has been an interesting year,
We laughed, celebrated, shed a tear.
We were blessed with a new family member,
One nice day in late December.

*Paty is from Chile and spent the year stateside,
For 6 months with us she did abide.
She fit right in to our crazy fam
To learn lots of english, she did cram.

*We showed her as much as we could,
Boston, NYC, Maine, but not the hood.
She loved it all and was more than a guest, 
One day going to Chile will be our quest. 

*K is now a sophomore in high school, 
She played soccer this fall, which was cool. 
She is still singing and improving every day,
She worked with her dad this summer on the bay.

*Long Lake Camp for the Arts was a dream come true,
3 weeks of singing, acting, new friends and circus, too!
She’s accepting donations to go back next August,
To sing and hang with her friends is a must!

*B is ruling the school in the 8th grade,
Swimming is her sport of choice, but soccer, too, she played.
Her swim times are dropping every meet,
She’s made some money baby-sitting: totally sweet!

*She won a scholarship to go to ASLP,
3 weeks at Nerd Camp filled her with glee.
She learned improv and built a robot,
Swam in a survival suit and hung with friends a lot.

*New this year, I am back to teaching, 
I still was able to spend the summer beaching.
Photography is still my number 1 hobby,
Coming a close second is sitting in the pool lobby. 

*Our dear friend, Brad, passed the fourth of December,
His smile, his smarts, his strength, we will remember.
We love to keep up via Face book and Twitter. Do you?
Look us up! Merry Christmas! Love K, B and Sue!


Kiki Nakita said...

Nice of you to share your card.

Happy New Year!

Colleen @AMadisonMom said...

Oh my gosh.... the poem is awesome!

Melisa Wells said...

I love your poems and look forward to them every year!!