Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's Winter. Just Putting It Out There.

The alarm at 6:00 this morning was not kind.

I have spent much of the last week with the Christmas gift my brother and his family brought to the Cape: the crud. I bought out the Purel aisle and increased my vitamins tenfold when he called on Christmas Eve saying that he and his wife were sick and my adorable nephew had conjunctivitis, but not to worry, they would be down by 12 on Christmas day.

Needless to say, no form of vitamins or Purel or wishful thinking was keeping their germs from attaching on to me and staying for the duration. That being said, a lot of half projects got done in the house this school vacation. Half the decorations are down, we reorganized half of B's room, the laundry spent a lot of time in the dryer, half a drawer got organized.... you get the idea. The problem was, I would need to take a nap or cry or lay down half way through anything.

So now, it is back to school. The alarm blared, I rolled, shut it off and turned on the T.V.. I mainly watch for the weather because all the other news is usually depressing. The weather today, turned out to be just as depressing. Words such as windchill, freeze, bundle up, frigid were thrown about by the overly cheery weather man in his suit in his warm studio. I wondered how fast I could get up, turn on the heat and hit the shower before I realized that I could see my breath in my own house. Then, I realized it was going to be too cold to go out to recess ALL. WEEK. LONG.

Then, a commercial for Atlantis came on the T.V..

$65 a night, plus some discount on airfare, plus dolphins frolicking, plus drinks with umbrellas in them.....

I think my brother owes me and might be just the thing I need to truly kick this cold and save on my heating bill. Now to convince him of that and to convince my principal to give me a month off.... Hmm, maybe I could pitch it as a sabbatical?


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Sounds like you need that sabbatical...BIGTIME...and...ummmmm....can I come?!?

Tara R. said...

If you can't get to Atlantis, you'd love it here on our beaches. A sabbatical sounds like just the thing for you.

Melisa Wells said...

It's worth a shot!!

I have some friends who have been to Atlantis and say it's everything you would imagine it is. Sigh.

And if Liz is going, can I go too?