Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh, Second Grade...

I have a love/dislike relationship with Facebook. Yesterday, it was a love. A former classmate of mine, put this picture up on Facebook and started tagging people.

There is nothing like reading 70 comments from people, most of whom you haven't spoken with in 30 some-odd years.

Also, it is pretty amazing that I knew 19 of the 26 names of the kids, when I cannot remember what I did last weekend.

In the comments,

I found out that one of my friends had planned to wear her Winnie the Pooh smock shirt with another friend specifically for picture day.

That I must have been sort of trampy. I mean look at how short my jumper was. (There that gives you a hint of which one I am).

That I had a boyfriend.

That the girl not looking at the camera was looking at the clock. (Or practicing for a future mug shot, not sure.)

In my mind,

I know that there is a girl who I wish I could find on Facebook. She moved in maybe 5th grade, but we were close buddies for the years before that.

There was one kid who was the type to eat paste.

That there was another kid who was a little odd and I wonder if he is an engineer now. (No offense to engineers.)

I wonder about every one of these students and wonder how they are now.

I love stories about people's lives. I guess I am a bit like Oprah (haha, I just compared myself to Oprah), in the fact that everyone has a story and I WANT TO HEAR IT.  Oh, yeah, I have plenty of stories. Wait,

.....YOU want to hear them?


Melisa Wells said...

Sure, what the heck?

OPRAH wouldn't ask first. She would just start telling stories.

Unknown said...

Did you go to a school in Cape Cod. I get Cape Cod rentals every year and never knew there was a school there. Am I mistaken?