Monday, January 6, 2014

6 Years

I have been writing this blog since January 2008.


834 posts (well this will be the 835th).

6 years.

I guess I have had a lot to say. What has happened in those 6 years? If I was talented like Billy Joel, I would write a song like "We Didn't Start The Fire", but I'm not, so you will get some random musings.

*I started married, currently pending divorce.

*I started knowing no bloggers, now friends with a bunch of people all over the country that I would never have met otherwise.

*My girls were 10 and 9 when I started. I'll do the math for you, they are now 16 and 15.

*I started writing this one night when I had heartburn. I still get heartburn. All. The. Time.

*My favorite posts are the ones where the girls have done something hysterical or said something funny.

*I definitely look at life with a skewed view.

*I still love taking photos and have taken thousands in the past 6 years.

*I have had so many opportunities through my blog like going to Chicago, NYC, San Diego, Stonewall Kitchen in York, ME, conferences, store openings, giving away things, doing product reviews and I have loved ALL OF IT!!!

*My girls and I have been recognized at the mall because of the blog. Weird, right?

*I believe that I have become a better writer.

*I had to take down some posts on weddings that I photographed because one person complained to my boss (the head photographer) that I was mean. We still laugh about this.

*I still eat M&Ms every single day.

I think over the next month or so, I will review some of my favorite posts that you may have never read or forgotten. Selfishly, this gives me an excuse to reread my older posts.


KK said...


Melisa Wells said...

Happy anniversary: woooooot!!!! xoxoxo

Glad you started blogging; otherwise I never would've met you!

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

I'm happy we met, for real. Love you <3

Momo Fali said...

I love blogging, mostly because it's brought people like you into my life. Happy blogiversary!

Tara R. said...

Congrats on your first six years! Here's to many more.

Anonymous said...

Those are two beautiful young women!