Friday, April 18, 2008

Beautiful Day

Let me just say how beautiful today was! Sunny, mid 60's, something to appreciate after having a 6 month winter. I actually got a little too much sun (could there be such a thing?) on my face today from sitting in a parking lot for an hour. OK, I will start at the beginning....

After I dropped K and B at school, I called my mom to see if she wanted to go get a pedicure. She said yes, so off we went to our favorite Vietnamese pedi center. My friend, Jen, was there too, soaking her toes in a nice hot tub. We all chatted and laughed, even though my girl clipped a little too much once and just about sent me through the roof. I am so damned nice, I didn't say anything, just let her have her way with her little torture tools. I think I get pedis once and awhile just for the lower leg rub. Ahhh, smooth. She was talking very fast and foreign to my mom's girl. I think she was commenting on how my feet haven't seen the light of day since October. Poor, poor feet. So Jen happened to mention she was going to a furniture clearance sale. We were there before she could get the sentence out of her mouth. Oh, we had to pick up my dad first.
My mom and dad found a great kitchen table, complete with chairs for a great price. We called DH to see if he could come pick them up in his truck. He said, "Be there in 15 minutes". What a good son-in-law! Meanwhile, another friend of mine came and another. It was like a party and this sale was in the parking lot of the clearance warehouse. So we all sat on the couches and chatted for an hour in between me buying 6 kitchen chairs and my friend, Michael buying a couch. Jen had already bought her pull out sofa. That of course equals good time and face burn! The afternoon was complete with a trip to Dairy Queen with my mom.
The girls are out of school now for a week, they went riding with DH. This evening I went to a Southern Living Party complete with lobster face. One of the woman there worked for an interior designer so she knew everything. (Yes, everything!) Some advice she doled out willingly was:
"Never mix paisley with checks" (She might have told that to some nursing homes I have seen.)
"You can mix antiques with modern as long as you have the same color family." (Is that like mixing the Redfields and McCoys?)
"Mix circles and squares." (How about martinis and wine?)
"Curtains should be called 'window treatments' " (Unfortunately many of my windows are devoid of curtains or window treatments.)
I , of course was waiting to see what this diva of design was going to buy so I could copy and she cut out early! The nerve. Blasting us with all this designer information and then leaving. I have a name for this type of person.... Tease! Brought me straight back to High School in a matter of seconds!

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KathyLikesPink said...

I'm curious as to WHY curtains must always be called Window Treatments. I always feel a little hoity-toity when I use that term. Although after I spend an entire Sunday afternoon watching HGTV I am just FULL of phrases I wouldn't normally say!