Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Not-So-Innocent

So I am sitting with my glass of Chardonnay at my computer trying to comprehend the last 2 days. Our elementary school is looking for a new principal and I am the token parent on the search committee. There are 9 of us on this comm. We have interviewed 11 people over the past 2 days (6 yesterday, 5 today). I am a little fried, to say the least. I can't even discuss the candidates or the sordid details of our lunch time talk. Too bad, because all I could think of was "oohh this would be great for the blog!".

My parents had the girls this afternoon. When I got out at 5, I raced to pick the dog/lamb up from my sister's house and then the girls from my parents and then drove (ok, raced) to the next town for B's soccer practice. We then drove back to parent's house where Mom had made us dinner. Thanks Mom! Then the girls and I jumped in the car to get home for showers and bedtime. On the way home, I almost drove into a cemetery. Not because I wanted to visit anyone or join anyone residing there, but because of what K innocently blurted out from the back seat.

" I got asked out by Nathan Little today. I told him I would rather die first than date him."

Yes, my innocent 11 (almost 12)yr old tells me this as I was driving. Thankfully, I was only going about 30, because I literally slammed on the brakes and choked. After breathing into a paper bag for a few minutes, I was able to carry on a mom/daughter conversation.

me, "He really asked you out?"
K, "He was desperate. He asked every girl out in the 5th grade!"
me, "I don't think you would be my definition of someone to ask out if someone were desperate. You are a very smart, caring, beautiful girl." (Teachable moment, people!)
K, "Yeah, but he asked out everyone!"
me, "Did you say to his face that you would rather die first than date him?" (Me, feeling a wee bit of sympathy for the poor boy along with a lot of dislike.)
K, "No, Sam came around and asked all the girls one at a time, if we liked Nathan. We all told him 'no!'. Sarah even went as far as saying, "I would kick him and then spit on him if he asked me out." (My thought was these girls are a little dramatic {and violent!}).

I can't wait to find out what is going to happen at the 5/6th grade skate night on Saturday. Maybe the father will be in charge of pick up and drop off that night. UGH!


Jules said...

Ah. The almost teen-age tween years. Don't ya love 'em?

Laski said...

Note to J--do not ask ALL the girls out. Oh, and wear some armor if by chance you ask anyway!!!

I'd tell dad to go do pick up/drop off . . . let him share in your fun!

Wineplz said...

that's hysterical! and kinda makes me glad I have boys (even though I keep longing for a girl...*sigh*).

KathyLikesPink said...

When my daughter was in 5th grade I discovered that if I drove three or more of them anywhere, I was invisible and they would talk about anything and everything. Good to know for future reconnaisance!