Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I wonder.....

I am sitting on my couch typing and blowing my nose inbetween sentences. Welcome to the back to school cold. It's all through the house, but of course I sent my kids to school. No fever, no vomit, no green boogers, hop on the bus. So I am pondering some thoughts...

*Why can't I just feel comfortable laying on my couch and watching tv 
all day today? What propelled me to clean the dog, the shower and the dishes before I could sit here? My nose is a faucet. That leads me to wonder, even though I cleaned all those things, are they really clean?

*Why do dogs feel the need to roll in horse shit?

*Why is it every time I don't feel well, my husband feels worse?

*What made him think going to bed at 7:30 last night was OK, while I was at a School Comm meeting and the girls hadn't finished their homework? Evidently
 they put themselves to bed at 8:30. When I got home K was asleep with her homework open on her bed under her legs. 

*What made the girls think they could go on the computer this morninig/watch tv with homework not finished?

*Why do I remember my chemistry's teacher name(Mrs. Capone) in High School? I am a relatively smart woman, but got a D in chemistry. Science wasn't my thing. I am having flashbacks because K is working on the periodic table and she is only in the 6th grade!

*I wonder if I can invent something that goes over your nose to
 catch the drippings and make it look cool/stylish.

*I am wondering if you have seen the high heel Crocs that are out? 
I just got a pair (for 1/2 price, yippee!) and I think they are higher than any other shoes I have. I hope they are comfortable because I am wearing them to a wedding that I am attending, not shooting, in a few weeks.

*It's my mom's first day of work at a shop downtown, so I am wondering how she is doing. Maybe after my nap, I will go check on her.  Plus I need more kleenex. 


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I'm wondering if you sound as whiny in person as you do on here?

Just kiddding...:)

Hope you feel better!

(and if you invent that snot catching thing, I want to see pics of you modeling it!)


scargosun said...

"Why is it every time I don't feel well, my husband feels worse?" - I KNOW! What is up with that. I usually tell P to shut up when he pulls that.

Hope you feel better!

Here's my "I wonder"

I wonder why last night I coul dnot get a song from Girl cout Camp (GAG!) out of my head. I was even able to name ALL the cabins that were in it.

Thoughts from the Deep End said...

Two words...


Feel better!


Anonymous said...

Feel better.

And let me know how you like the crocs. I saw a pair in brown and pink... almost got them... but they weren't on sale.

Anonymous said...

Emergence C rasberry flavor is the best thing for colds. Get better soon!

I too want to know if the high heel crocs are comfortable and what your leg muscels feel like the next day.

Melisa Wells said...

Why is it every time I don't feel well, my husband feels worse?

The laugh of the day! I'm with ya!

Wineplz said... you feel better!

and you know what? I think it's on that Y chromosome to be a big wuss and shirk your parental duties especially when your lovely wife is under the weather.