Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ogunquit, Maine

OK, I have tried posting this 3 different ways, but I think I have come upon the final draft. Our trip to Maine was a blast. My mom and dad owned a house in Ogunquit for 20 years or so. My mom took us there on the last day of school and we came back to Acton the day before school started. My dad would come up on the weekends and for a week vacation. It was the best place to spend the summers. We could walk to the beach, play kick the can, walk downtown and of course, when we got older we got jobs (and significant others). So a summer is not complete without a trip down memory lane in Ogunquit. 

This trip was "just girls"... my mom, my sister (KK), K, B and me. We stayed in a friends house in the old "hood". This old hood just happen to be the same hood that Wonderful World of Wieners lived in. Her house is the second of the slideshow. I wish we had known each other better then because other than her Morbid Mondays, we have a lot in common. 
So we went to Perkin's Cove the first afternoon there. We searched for seaglass and rocks shaped as hearts. We walked through the shops and then had dinner at Barnacle Billy's. After a few rum punches, we all got a little giddy. K does a great impression on my mom laughing (see slideshow)
We spend the next day on beautiful Ogunquit Beach. It was just ranked the top beach in the US. Yeah, it's that good. The sand is soft as "buttah". We made a dribble castle on B while she read. She hadn't finished her "summer reading", so we were trying anything to get her to read. My roommate from college came down (she lives in New Gloucester, ME) with her 2 girls that are my girls'  'cousins'. They tell people that they are more than friends, but not blood related. We went back to Perkins Cove and had dinner once again at BB. They have a great outdoor deck. That's where we saw the abomination sitting next to us. Cute, but eeewwww! You'll have to look at the slideshow now. Beck wound up going home, but I kept her girls. The next day at the beach was a blast. The kids all played, I read my book. OK, I went swimming too. I ran the girls up to Freeport to drop off K and E (Becky's girls), spent 30 minutes running into my favorite stores: bought 2 lunchboxes and a cool new pair of flip flops. 
Next day we cleaned up the house that is going to be torn down this winter and rebuilt. We ran to the Marginal way and took some funny pictures and worked our way home. First KK had to get a gift certificate at BB's for a friend. The girl who gave her the GF was pretty rude and the name on her name tag was Lil Pie. I kid you not. Why would anyone put that on their nametag? Anyhoo, on the way home we stopped in Kittery, (outlets),   stopped at Kimball Farm in Westford , MA for the world's best ice-cream and  stopped at Idylwilde Farm (Acton, MA) for the worlds best farm produce.

All in all, a fabulous few days. Want to come next year?


As Cape Cod Turns said...

Just so you know, the picture of the dog was an actual dog with a bib sitting at a table in the restaurant. Ugh. And the fallic symbol looked like a "John" to the girls. You'll have to see a few posts ago to understand that one.

Anonymous said...

Didn't we have a good time! We sure laughed a lot and ate lots of Condon's donuts. Wish I had one or two now! They are the best! YUM! Thanks for the fantastic few days, ladies. M

scargosun said...

You guys look like you had a fabulous time!!! For a second, the dog with the bib looked like a dog in a plastc bag. ;) I am not exactly sure which is worse!

Unknown said...

I wanted to go up that way this summer with the kids but never got there - I LOVE Barnacle Billy's - my hubby (boyfriend at the time) and I used to ditch school (college) and drive up there for some good ole' lobster - I love that you could be in Perkins Cove in a little more than an hour from Boston!

sounds like a FUN trip!!

Sarah Clapp said...

What a great slideshow. You're making me home sick for coastal Maine, although, I'm more from Central Maine.

Just wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.

And yes, I laughed out loud when I saw the dog with the lobster bib.

Caution/Lisa said...

Girl, I think you really know how to do a vacation! And yes, I'm coming next summer. Don't leave without me!

Wineplz said...

Wow! You all look like you had the time of your lives! I'm glad to see you were able to spend some time with close friends doing things you love. :)