Friday, March 18, 2011

Frag'n Friday

Mommy's Idea

Friday is the day to spill some random thoughts and make a post. Hmmm, sounds good to me :)

*Tomorrow, B, has a jump rope tournament that will last from 8-5, in a gym.... with lots of kids....... with no air, ack.....

*Charlie Sheen, I know, I am sorry to bring him up. He is performing? in Boston in April and the tickets are going for outrageous amounts of money. Actually all you can get now are single tickets. Oy.

*Tonight, the moon was rising on one side of the house, the sun was setting on the other and it was after 7! How fabulous is that?

*Corned beef is really cheap at the grocery store now and the stuff lasts forever! Score!

*Do you ever crack up at who is following you on twitter and how they found you? College Planning is now following me. 5 more years and haven't a clue how to send them to college without serious financial aid. How does College Planning know this?

*I was in a gift type store the other day downtown and they were playing an old U2 cd. Haha, it is funny how music can bring you back to the time it was released!

*Had a green bagel for lunch yesterday, which is par for the course. My mom would send us to school (since I don't know when) with green bagels and tuna or cream cheese for lunch on St. Patrick's Day. Our friends would gag, but my brother, sister and I would think it was hysterical (and normal).

My girls had a green bagel with cream cheese, cucumber and ranch dressing and teddy graham sandwiches with green frosting in between for lunch. Mmmm, green!

*Little dude got to spend most of the day yesterday outside with his trucks. Pure heaven for him!
*Happy Weekend!!!

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Mrs4444 said...

Tonight (during "Friday Fun Night" at school), I BRIEFLY stuck my nose into a small gym that held about 60 sweaty, middle school boys playing dodgeball. The stench was HORRIBLE. Have fun tomorrow!!

Although I'm following Charlie on Twitter, I wouldn't pay a dime to see him IRL.

It doesn't surprise me that you have followed your mom's tradition of being the fun holiday mom :) I love that about you :)