Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Once Upon a Time Wednesday

Once upon a time Wednesday is about things from the past. There are many stories in my head that I want to share with my girls. The trip to Ellis Island, thank you very much Liberty Mutual, this summer made me realize that I had to get these stories documented. History is extremely important and fun!  Play along if you want!

Once upon a time, I was not very smart when it came to science. Who am I kidding? I am still not a science maven. I would have made a kick ass nurse if I could have gotten through biology. Anyway, my school science career came rushing back to me last night as I was trying to assist K in an 8th grade science project.

Let's review:
7th grade science: This is where I learned that you could use scissors to cut pizza. God I hope my science teacher washed the scissors before she started snipping at the pizza. That was before I was a germaphobe.

8th grade science: Would sneak peaks at lab notebook during tests. No I do not recommend this (especially if my girls are reading this).

9th grade science: Lots of beakers and stuff.

10th grade science: Chemistry. My first D on my report card. And a female teacher who favored boys.

11th grade science: Anatomy. Loved it, but it was not easy. Dissected fetal pig.

12th grade science: Did I take any science that year? Who knows. I am pretty sure if I didn't have to, I didn't.

College science: I so tried in 18 different ways to Sunday to not take science, but had to at my liberal arts college. I took physics 101 thinking it would be easy. Nope. Sucked.

So all this experience led to the 3 of us sitting on the kitchen floor last night, willing K's thing on wheels to go down a ramp and go exactly 60 inches. The thing would go past the line, we would adjust the ramp, it wouldn't go as far as the line, adjust again and it would go past the line.... are you getting the picture? Back and forth, forth and back with K whimpering, B laughing and me drinking.

In my mind's eye, I  could see all my science teachers mocking me. Then K said the thing that hurt the most... I wish Daddy was here because he would know what to do. Ouch.

*As a side note, after 20 tries in school today, she got the (damn) thing to work. I am hoping the teacher gives her an A for effort and me a break on science projects that need to be built at home.


Anonymous said...

No doubt the drinking part was particularly helpful to the experiment...


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry! You did not get any science or math genes from me! I did disect a frog, however. nana

Laure said...

Just love reading your posts, Sue.

SurprisedMom said...

I would have enjoyed the drinking part of the project . . . :)

Took four years of science in hs because I wanted to be a physical therapist. Took two more years in college and realized a medical career wasn't for me.

Glad it finally worked and I do so hope you get a break on science projects at home!

Mrs4444 said...

I was not a fan of science, either. I got two D's in college--one in biology (and one from a psycho sociology teacher. In fact, just this minute, as I recalled him, it occurred to me that he might have been Michael Savage, obnoxious radio host who often claims to have been a teacher. I'll have to research that!)

In our science class this week, we had students creating one-minute timers out of random objects. The work was done AT SCHOOL. Sorry you had to suffer :)