Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Little Guilt and Wine Will Get You Bunnies

K's headache has really GOT. TO. GO.

I mean, really, going on 3 weeks just stinks (and for her hurts).

We went to the eye Dr. today only to be told that her eyesight is perfect. Yes, it is good news, but Sherlock, the mystery deepens.

So what do you do to cheer up a headache fraught girl? You find out that the new iphone5 that she ordered(and paid for you, mind you) has come in and you sit in Verizon for an hour and a half while the people figure the payment all out because the computer is saying you do  not have an upgrade even though you do have an upgrade.

Then, you go pick up the bunnies that a friend was giving away and you agreed to take. That's right, I am certifiable, but there was a method to my madness.. First, she wanted a pig (to live in the house= mom takes care of), then she wanted a small dog (to live in the house= mom takes care of) and then I thought, bunnies! (Because they will live at the barn and mom doesn't go there!) Win/win for me. However, I got to thinking (not usually a good idea, especially when guilt and wine are involved) that maybe we should keep the bunnies outside at my house instead of a mile and a half away at the barn. Then, the girls could see them anytime they want.

Meet Jenny and Peter. They will be living in the house for a few days due to the fact that the outdoor hutch is not here yet. Of course I am allergic to them, but they are so damn soft and cute. So there will be a lot of Allegra in my future, too.

And can't you see that headache going away little by little with a snuggly bunny?

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Marcia Towey said...

Bunnies definitely help headaches, as this migraine girl will attest. Take her to a neurologist - the daughter not the bunny lol My migraines started when I was in high school and were really severe during my teens. Not so bad now that I'm on meds. I have a link on my Facebook page to the National Headache Foundation and they have excellent material!!! I swear by Excedrin, my medicine, ice packs and funny enough, Burt's Bees Peppermint Foot lotion - applied to my head. The peppermint distracts me from the headache...