Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Never Ending Headache (No, that's not a political joke)

This writing every day is hard.

I guess I could have written about the election, but I have no desire to open that can of worms. You are welcome.

I took K to the emergency room today. I thought, you know other than making her feel better, that I would have something classic to write about. Hmmm, other than the woman at the snack shop giving me some strange cookie instead of the "holiday" one I asked for, nothing too out of the ordinary happened.

K has had a headache for 2+ weeks and finding out it's source has turned into something of an episode with Angela Lansbury.

We are just chipping away at reasons.

Antibiotics for a potential sinus infection,
Eye Doctor for potential glasses,
Family history for potential migraines,
MRI for potential brain tumor...

Now, some people might find that last one a bit extreme. Unfortunately, it is not extreme here. We know way too many people with cancerous brain tumors and quite honestly, it sucks. When I hear headache instead of thinking "take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning", I think, "Oh no, a brain tumor".

So we waited (and waited and waited) and then she was taken in for the CAT scan. I should have gone with her and taken a picture because she said that they wrapped her up like a taco. Then we waited (and waited) for the Doctor to come tell us the results.

All I could think of was a good friend of mine who was told that her son had a brain tumor after a similar bought of headaches and nausea last November. Her family has been on a journey that has not be very pleasant or expected, but at times filled with wonderful gifts. I wondered how I would react to that news. I wondered if the Doctor would tell us right there with just the curtains separating us from the woman with bronchitis and the woman on the other side with tennis elbow.

Thankfully, the kind Doctor cut straight to the chase and told us that the scan was normal. I am pretty sure K's headache went from severe pain to less severe pain. It was a huge relief and we were very, very grateful for the positive news.

One more thing checked off the list, one more step closer to the solution.


Mrs4444 said...

Any resolution to this yet? My heart goes out to you both :)

Melisa Wells said...

Headaches SUCK. I hope she's feeling better!