Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday Shopping

What's that? You are anxiously awaiting to hear how my Black Friday shopping was?

It was awesome,   thank-you.

I took K and her friend KB. We left town at 5am and drove 50 minutes to our first stop where I bought B's Birthday present in the first 5 minutes. We wandered around the mall from 7-8:30 or so. The girls (rookies) sat and ate Dunkin Donuts. I had smartly brought a piece of chocolate cake with me to eat in the car. No need to waste time SITTING for breakfast!

I managed to grab a picture of them sneaking onto Santa's chair and pretending they were the big guy himself.

We went to a few more stores and were home by 1! I scored a $90 faux Christmas tree for $32. That's right, it was mismarked and I stood my ground and proved it to them.

Today was the day for local stores and I managed to drop some in a little shop downtown. I would like to say I am done with my Christmas shopping, but that would spoil the last minute fun, right?

Did you head out early yesterday?


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Chocolate cake at the ready and miss-marked Christmas tree, oh how I love the wonderfullness of you!

Anonymous said...

Sunday, I went on Sunday and there was much to be had and I did exactly that...not crowded, either.
And I don't even celebrate Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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