Friday, November 15, 2013

Frag'n Friday

Another edition of emtying my brain out...

Half-Past Kissin' Time

*I failed NaBloPoMa. I tried. I really really tried, but I missed posting yesterday. Yeah, it had something to do with wine, tears and brain overload. Not necessarily in that particular order. I am still going to try to post every day for the rest of November, though.

*It feels good to get back to writing. I even started writing my Christmas letter the other day. Don't let me put you all to shame....

*There were some fabulous news stories I found on FB tonight.

-One was about the SF batkid. Make A Wish is the best non-profit. My nephew was able to take a cruise through Alaska with them and our good friend Brad was able to go to Normandy last fall.

-Also, the Tufts lacrosse team signed a 7 year old who is battling cancer to their team this year. Such a cute story and so glad that many college teams are "adopting" these kids.

-I love the MBTA tweets of the week. The MBTA is Boston's t system. It's funny what people tweet about and BostInno puts together the best top 10 MBTA tweets of the week on Friday.

*Of course I have a Kindergarten comment. Today, my little buddy J was talking about Toys R'Us. He calls it, "Toys and Us".

*I have taken a few senior pictures this fall, but nothing compares to taking them today. I took a friend of mine's son. He has some special needs and was adorable. I think I got a few that do him justice. All I know is he kept wondering why K wasn't there with me. (She is best friends with his sister).

*K is in a play this weekend at her High School. The play is a reading type play about how women have affected and fought for peace since 1916. It was fascinating to go back in history and learn of these brave and powerful women.

*K has to do a report for History class and she drew Black Friday as a topic. We both thought it had to do with the day after Thanksgiving shopping which we both love. Hmmm, we were very wrong.

*It seems weird to not include a picture in my Friday Fragments (or any post for that matter). Just for you I have included one of B and my snap chats. I much prefer texting my friends because I don't necessarily like looking at pictures of myself 100 times a day, but I like being included in hers.

Yes, she is much better at it than I am :)

*Happy Weekend!!


Mrs4444 said...

Snapchat is fun; Kendall and I exchange snaps fairly regularly. I only have to be careful about sending snaps that include the dogs; they make her homesick :(

Did you see my quotatble quote from school today on FB? "Hey! I'm getting wood!" The entertainment never ends,thank goodness.

Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend.

Doreen McGettigan said...

I like snapchat too, My granddaughter has fun with me:) NOT!
I have missed reading your Fragments:)

Melisa Wells said...

So what, you missed a day. Worst thing that happens as a result is you won't win a prize from BlogHer, and there are so many people signed up your chances were slim anyway!

Besides, you went from (almost) zero to NaBloPoMo in thirty seconds, so don't be downin!