Saturday, November 9, 2013

Potty Training Was A Long Time Ago

I might have mentioned yesterday that my niece was in potty training hell (I mean boot camp). I showed you the nice picture of her cozy bathroom and all the treats and distractions that she had in there. B and I went over tonight (all the way across the street, I know, it was tough) to see how things were going. B got to play with Kermit and baby Kermit. 

We got to see R's Doc McStuffin's undies. We showed her our undies, too. That did not convince her (and probably scared her) to pee in the potty. The girl has the willpower of a, hmm, I don't know, what has a lot of willpower? A mule can be stubborn, but is that considered willpower? Whatever has a lot of willpower, she has it multiplied by 10.

 She did amuse us by running laps around the house and playing peek-a-boo in her tunnel. Tunnels are funny when they are upright with a 3 year old in them.

Do you have any words of advice and/or encouragement for my sister? She is probably on her 3rd (10th) glass of wine right now and dreading tomorrow.


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Invest in a dailt pee chart ( a star for every pee and a prize for every 10 stars or something) and more wine.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

*daily* pee chart

Jillian said...

she knows what is going on and has the upper hand. no more diapers- night time ups ok. pull them from her and only offer undies. she needs to know that she can not control the situation any more. she will fight back but dont recact and leave her w the mess she will make just to price a point but it wont last. positive reactions. or rewards. #momof4

KK said...

Sounds like it is time for a visit from her Aunties - Jillian and Kurt.......and bring wine.

PottyBootCamp said...

I'm the author of a potty training book and part of my program involves having the child clean up after themselves when they have an accident - helping to wipe the floor, put the underwear in the laundry...etc. It gets tiresome after a while and helps the child to take ownership of their potty usage. Good luck! Warmly, Suzanne Riffel, author of The Potty Boot Camp

Melisa Wells said...

She's getting so big!!

I like Liz's wine idea. I'd do that.