Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kids: You've Got To Love Them

Remember that show: Kids Say The Funniest Things? Well, as a teacher in the lower grades, I hear A LOT of stuff. Seriously, when I taught Kindergarten years ago, one kid told me that he and his parents had to leave dinner early to pick up a friend of his dad's in jail. I later found out that the dad was a lawyer, but the kid's story telling needed some work.

Today, a child told me that his Grandpa always asks him if he is a "smart fellah or a fart smellah". So after I laughed (um, hysterically), I had to tell him that fart was not a good word to say at school.

One child had to do a particular test where analogies were asked.
Can is to aluminum as glass is to ___________.
She answered, "man". The test giver gave her a look like "what?" And she went on to explain that daddy's drink beer in glass bottles. Ugh, why do 5 year olds have to know this already.

My niece, R, is a hot ticket. She has me laughing (and her mom pulling her hair out) constantly. It's fun being the aunt and it's even more fun living across the street from them. For instance tonight, I went over for a quick visit. R was making a mess, I mean she had a whole story going on on the kitchen floor and she kept bringing in new items to add. This is how I found her...

It's not good enough to kneel at the side of the box, it's much better to dive in head first.

At least I get to laugh every day. I hope I never lose the fact that little kids are amusing. They definitely keep me young (ish).


KCFishy : ) said...

Come over anytime! Happy to amuse AND offer wine : )

Momo Fali said...

You should hang out with my son for a while! I think you'd like him.