Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1-25 facts

My 100th post is in 4 days! Yippee! To honor that, I thought I would do the blog thing and write 100 things about me. Doing it all in one post was a little daunting and hey, do you really have the time to read 100 things in one sitting? I figure 25 a day will keep you coming back for more. To be my friend, you need to know this stuff, in case you are ever quizzed about me or something. So, these are in no particular order, just the way they came to me.


  1. I have blue eyes with brown specks.
  2. Until age 13 some people thought I was a boy. (I guess Tom-boy wasn't so in, in the 70's)
  3. Spent summers growing up in Ogunquit, ME.
  4. My first boyfriend in Ogunquit, was a friend of mine. He wore tube socks with short athletic shorts. (There's another plus for the 70's)
  5. Had posters of Shawn Cassidy and the Bay City Rollers on my bedroom wall.
  6. I've had my oldest friend since first grade (Merriam School, Acton MA) Hi Melis!
  7. Melissa moved to Maine in 4th grade and we would trade vacation weeks at each other's house.
  8. 8. I am 5 years older than my sister, and 6 years older than my brother.
  9. My first stitches were in my chin when I was 2. I drove a Fisher Price giraffe down a neighbors very steep driveway.
  10. I had surgery and had to stay in the hospital when I was 4. My memory of that is dipping yellow lollipops in ginger-ale.
  11. I have had 9 dermoid cysts on my ovaries. This in turn has equalled many surgeries.
  12. I have had a hysterectomy. Yay!
  13. I broke my knee cap the day before college graduation, but didn't realize it until 2 weeks later.
  14. My aunt sent a Chippendale man holding balloons to my college graduation.
  15. I can speak french.
  16. I've been to France twice, but want to go about 10 more times.
  17. I love tulips.
  18. I love the smell of hyacinth and lilacs.
  19. I don't drink caffeine.
  20. I was a competitive ski racer for 15 years.
  21. Because of that, I like to drive fast.
  22. I went to my first overnight camp in Mt. Hood, Oregon. It was a ski camp in July and we skied on the glaciers on Mt. Hood.
  23. I love to swim.
  24. Ogunquit Beach is my favorite beach. Great waves for body surfing, no seaweed, soft sand and the tide goes out forever!
  25. I am afraid of the dark.
Did I make you want to come back for more? Let's hope I think of more-ha,ha,ha.


Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

I do horses and giraffes!!
:) Email me if you haven't already

scargosun said...

I just saw your comment from my Deadliest Photo post and now I know where you are on the Cape. I was wondering and didn't want to ask outright. ;) I will surely tune in tomorrow for the next 25 things.

scargosun said...
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Betsy, short for Elizabeth, formally known as Esther said...

It SURE does! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sue, can't wait to find other things I don't know about you! Did not know you were "afraid of the dark". No wonder you are up at all hours.

carrie said...

I also had stitches in my chin. Twice actually-in the same place both times!

Anonymous said...

I lost my ability to concentrate after #14.

Wendi said...

Great list!
I will have to come back and see 26-100.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I always get excited to see a new reader comment. It is fun to see where they are from and how they found me.
Have a great day!

Buford Betty said...

Fun! How cool about the skiing. I love watching ski sports on TV - winter Olympics and such. I've only been skiing once, and I gained a whole new appreciation for what those athletes can do!