Monday, April 7, 2008

Candy issues

My close friends will laugh at this, but Melisa over at asked these questions about M&Ms.

"1. Do you eat your M&Ms one at a time, a couple at a time, or by the handful?

2. Do you eat them according to a certain color first, or do you not care about color?

3. Do you suck on them, bite them in half before eating, or just chomp on them in a carefree manner?

4. Do you miss tan-colored M&Ms in the bag of assorted colors?

5. Did you think it was a travesty to replace the tan with the blue? Would you have preferred another color (I think purple was the other choice) or did you just want them to leave the tan in there?"

So, I grabbed her questions for my post because this was just too good to answer in the comment section of her blog. I am an M&M addict. I should be in a rehab somewhere (preferably warm) for M&M addicts. If you could get arrested for eating too many M&Ms, I would have lost my license for the rest of my life. I was thinking how I needed to get to BJ's to buy a supersize bag tomorrow because I am out of all my supplies. I usually eat about 6 at a time and suck them. No regard to color. When the reds first came out, I was worried about them and wouldn't eat them because I heard they caused cancer. Now that they come in any color..... any color goes. I am ok with blue now, too. I just don't care about the color, just the oral fixation on them and the taste. I often time mix them with planter's peanuts. This has a different, more saltier taste than the peanut M&Ms.

Now you know. It is an addiction I am not proud of, but one that is fed by stress and driving. (I like to eat when I drive distances). Please forgive me, because I am sure that I have seemed like the perfect person, wife, mom so far, I have an addiction stronger than me. My dentist (who is my neighbor) couldn't understand why I had 2 cavities 2 years ago. I asked, "hmmm, could it be all the M&Ms I eat during the day?" He didn't believe I ate that many, but I guess, my teeth don't lie. I would probably be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swim suit addition if I could kick this habit, but the allure of being Ms. Green M&M 2008 is a stronger goal.


Mustang said...

The M&M addiction came from your grandmother, although I think she was a closet eater. I couldn't understand what was wrong the other day and I realized there were NO M&M's in my house. Went out and bought some and felt better. I'd better go to BJ's also as I need a big bag and also Tide!

Melisa Wells said...

Dear Ms. Green, 2008:

You're welcome! Ha ha...

BTW, you forgot the "the" in my blog address...(it's correct in your blogroll though)

Don Mills Diva said...

Mmmm - peanuts and M&Ms mixed together...

Jules said...

Chocolate is ane of the main food groups, so of course you have to have it......... every day!

Wineplz said...

1. 2 at a time--if I have an odd amount in my hand, I used to give away the odd M&M, but have matured enough to now eat it by biting it in half first, then sending each half to opposite sides of my mouth. what? you don't do this, too? :)
2. don't care about color
3. bite them in half
4. yes, I miss the tan ones (although I called them Light Brown)
5. I felt that the new color should have been an addition, not a replacement.