Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hubby Meme

OK, sweet Melisa tagged me for a meme. {Mom, that means she did a post on her site and wants me to do it on my site. I know that last one confused you.} It's an interesting one because it's about my DH. A few of my friends have asked me what DH stands for. Well.. some days it stands for dear husband, and others, damn husband. Honestly, before you read this post, Matt is a great guy (his mom paid me to say that- Hi Pat :), just kidding, anyway he worries about providing for us, keeping my checkbook in the black etc.....I'll just get on with it.....

How long have you been together?
Since October of 1990. OK, sit right back and you'll hear a tale.....the way we met is kind of a cool story about fate....When I moved to the Cape in 1990, I didn't know anything about it. I watched a local show that spotlighted the cape and all it had to offer. There was a dad and his 2 boys (strapping young men) on the show. I thought , "Hey maybe, I will run in to them some day?". Fast forward to October, when I was at a coffee house(as in bar with live music) and in walked Matt, the hunk I had seen on the boat with his dad. Me, not shy in alcoholic situations, "Hey weren't you on tv in June with your dad and brother?" And it has been bliss (hahahaahahhahhhahhh) since then!
How long did you date? Ah, before we got married? Almost 4 years.
How old is he? 41, we are the same age for a month, then he's older.
Who said ‘I love you’ first? Hmmm, has Matt ever said that? It was definitely me the first 400 times, then I think he caught on.
Who is taller? Me shrimpy- 5'5, Him tall guy- 6'2
Who is smarter? I would love to say 'me of course' and do say that quite often, but he is very smart in certain subjects I have no knowledge of. Business planning, taxes, insurance, fixing anything on a boat, math. Me, I am more of the schooling smart kind of gal.
Who does the laundry? Um, me. Do men actually know how to use a washing machine?
Who does the dishes? Yeah, that would be me, too. Once, when we first go married, we had a thing going where one cooks, one cleans up. What did happen to that rule?
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? OK, this has long been my side, but over the last year, Matt has conquered it. He says I have the better alarm clock. Maybe, it's time we switch alarm clocks?
Who pays the bills? Crap, we have to pay them?
Who mows the lawn? Your's truly. Yup, I am wonder woman. I learned at a young age how to mow the lawn on a riding mower and loved doing it. Now, I just love the look of a freshly mowed lawn and would wait to the cows come home if I waited for Matt to do it.
Who cooks dinner? ME,ME,ME,ME,ME,ME
Who is more stubborn? HIM,HIM,HIM,HIM
Who kissed who first? Um, memory is failing me on that one....
Who asked who out? Well, it might have been slutty me. We were in a bar one night and I asked him to play darts with me. Little did I know he didn't like to wear his glasses because he didn't think they were cool and he could barely see the dart board.
Who proposed? He did, but that's another story. He had the ring before Christmas, chickened out until I demanded my unopened Christmas present on Valentine's Day. He wanted to save it until my birthday (the end of March). He was so stressed out, he practically threw it at me.
Who is more sensitive? Sniff, sniff, me

Ok, so now you know who wears the pants in the family. Me, obviously. Somedays I would like to take them off and wear a ball gown and eat bonbons on the couch, but that's so not me or my life and that's OK!

I'm new to this tagging thing, so I am going to open it up to anyone reading. If you want to share your husbands (cushy) life with blog world, bring it on, just let me know!

Matt, me, K and B (Fall 07)


Melisa Wells said...

Nice job!
(and you DID get right to it, didn't you???)

Great story about how you met, and the engagement ring: ROFL!

The photo is gorgeous. I hope you sent it out in your holiday cards last year...

Corby said...

I am so impressed that you mow the lawn. I have only mowed a lawn once and that was because I lied and said I knew how and then I was asked to prove it. It took that lawn a good three years to recover.

Jules said...

Oh, Sue,
That was a GREAT post. Funny, funny, funny. Thanks for sharing.
And loved the picture!

Jules said...

Back again.
Any thoughts of taking the &*!@ word verification thingy off?

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Jules, How do I do that? You know take the *^@# verification thingy off?

KathyLikesPink said...

Hey, great post and LOVELY photo! You are a good-lookin' family!

I used to mow the lawn, always enjoyed it, but we have an OLD house and the OLD garage is actually half way down the street, so we lock it with a padlock. For some reason The Hubs had to put a new padlock on and I never know where the key is. I wish I did because he doesn't mow it as often as I would like.

and then about half-way down the page, "Show Word Verification for Comments yes/no"

Betsy, short for Elizabeth, formally known as Esther said...

I was tagged with the same meme on Friday!!

I just did it!

Great story!!